The Zodiac Signs That Are Always Full Of Sarcasm

If anything can walk the line between being funny and full-on rude, it's sarcasm. Some people love it, finding it hilarious, while others don't care for that snarky form of humor, viewing it as offensive and unfunny. Thus, having a sarcastic attitude in your daily life can make you seem controversial. A promising indication of how someone will react to sarcasm is their zodiac sign — some quiet and soft-spoken zodiac signs don't enjoy it at all, while others tend to be as sarcastic as possible.


Reddit user @astrocurious1 noted that the earth signs — Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus — typically enjoy sarcasm, writing, "Fire signs would probably tell [lighthearted] jokes, earth signs prefer sarcastic humor, air signs have a talent for intellectual jokes with word plays while water signs might go for dark/self-deprecating jokes." So expect earth signs to find some humor in sarcastic attitudes. But more specifically, there are a few zodiac signs that not only enjoy sarcastic comedy but also always bring sarcasm everywhere they go.

Judgy Virgo attitude

It's no secret that Virgo is one of the zodiac signs most likely to judge you — so it's no surprise that people belonging to this infamously critical sign are prone to making sarcastic comments. "They always have it together making it easy for them to critique those that don't," Desiree Roby Antila, an astrologer who wrote "Sun Signs in Love," told Bustle. So don't be surprised if your judgy Virgo friend makes a sarcastic remark about your messy home or mismatched outfit.


Not only are people belonging to this earth sign typically super sarcastic, but they also sometimes even prefer talking to people who are also sarcastic instead of individuals without that attitude — or worse, people who don't understand sarcasm. It's often a Virgo's instinct to be sarcastic, but they don't usually mean it in a mean way, even when it might initially seem that way; sarcasm is just part of this sign's personality. Take notes — a great way to impress your Virgo crush or nail your first date with a Virgo is to entertain them with sarcastic commentary to match their energy.

Scorpio sarcasm stings

Unlike Virgo, Scorpio is a water sign, not an earth sign. But like Virgos, Scorpios are always full of sarcasm. Before you get into a relationship with a Scorpio, you should ask yourself if you can handle their (at times, brutal) sarcastic attitude without getting hurt or exhausted. "There is only one sign with a sting in the tail, and that is Scorpio ... They notice little details which would be great to make fun of. They are also ruled by Mars, the planet of war, so they don't mind going a bit close to the bone," Inbaal Honigman, a celebrity psychic slash astrologer, told Best Life.


If any sign would be most likely to attack and offend others with their sarcastic words — whether intentional or not — it would be Scorpio. So if a Scorpio is hurting your feelings or making you feel uncomfortable because of their sarcastic comments, you should speak up and tell them. Your encounter is probably not the first time the Scorpio's sarcasm has made someone feel like that, so try not to take it too personally or let it get under your skin.

Laughter-loving Gemini

Different from Virgo and Scorpio, Gemini is neither an earth nor a water sign; Geminis are air signs. Also unlike Virgo and Scorpio, Gemini's sarcasm is almost always for humor and should rarely come off as judgmental or mean. "Gemini, ruled by the communication planet Mercury, is the most traditionally sarcastic sign ... They have an outrageously funny and dry wit that can quickly amuse even the most serious types," astrologer Erin River Sunday told Bustle.


While a sarcastic remark that a Virgo or Scorpio makes at a party might ruin the vibe, causing anger, tears, or even fights, a Gemini's sarcastic words might be what started the party, leading to lots of smiles and laughing. As with any other type of commentary and humor, some of Gemini's sarcastic words might get taken the wrong way or come out a bit too harsh, but that isn't typically Gemini's intention. Moreover, if you have an upcoming date with a Gemini, that charming Gemini might break the ice with sarcastic humor as you get to know each other.

Sweet yet sarcastic Cancer

This last zodiac sign might come as a surprise, as Cancers are famously empathetic and sweet. When we first hear "Cancer zodiac sign," the first words to pop into our heads are "loving" and "kind" — but that doesn't mean they're not sarcastic. Even the sweetest people often have darker sides, and many people born under the sign of Cancer express that harsher side through sarcasm.


This sign "is known to have a sarcastic, biting sense of humor that can kind of hurt, but in a humorous way," astrologer Liz Simmons told Reader's Digest. In fact, one of the only times a Cancer's words might not be so sweet is when they're showing off that sarcastic comedy. Their sarcastic jokes are usually not meant to offend others but to make people laugh, which is something to remember when a Cancer cracks a snarky joke at your expense. And since they are so empathetic, they'll likely regret their words if you tell them how their sarcastic joke about you made you feel.