A Classic T-Shirt Dress Is The Underrated Staple Your Summer Wardrobe Needs

There's surely no denying that basic T-shirts are a classic item of clothing and a key part of many people's everyday apparel. Of course, the same can be said about trendy dresses. That's why T-shirt dresses are a seemingly perfect combination. By simply taking a normal tee and lengthening it until it covers what's needed or wanted, you end up with a garment that's both comfortable and stylish. On top of that, this is an item that's much more versatile than you might have assumed.

In fact, there are more variations of T-shirt dresses than you might have realized and even more ways to style them. That's why you might end up wanting to wear your T-shirt dresses while hanging out with friends or heading out to dinner with a special someone. You might also want to throw on this particularly chic piece when you have a casual day date or a fun night on the town. You simply need to know what T-shirt dress would work best for each situation and how you might add a few accents and accessories to take your look up a notch.

We have no doubt sparked your fashion-loving interest. Honestly, we totally understand. That's why you'll surely want to find out how a classic T-shirt dress can become the kind of staple your summer wardrobe needs and why we're so excited to show you how to make it work.

Basic T-shirt dress

One of the aspects that make T-shirt dresses so ideal is the fact that you don't have to do much to make them look so good. In fact, you can simply opt for a straightforward item that sticks with one color and doesn't feature additional details. Even so, it can still be the base of a stylishly casual ensemble. All you need to do is complete the outfit with your favorite pair of stylish sneakers and wrap a jacket around your waist that you'll be able to pop on if it happens to get a little cool.

Long T-shirt dress

When you think about a T-shirt dress, you might imagine a piece that reaches down to the mid-thigh. This makes sense, thanks to the fact that the item is, in essence, a longer T-shirt. However, they can actually come in a range of different lengths which is why you might want to try out something longer. Dresses with hems that stretches down to the knees, mid-calf, or even down to the ankles are all fabulous options that can be worn with an everyday purse and comfy shoes or accessories that are a little more luxe.

Knotted T-shirt dress

Grab a T-shirt dress with a slightly different touch or DIY a little accent to an item that's already in your closet by embracing a knotted design. A stylish and super-easy way to give the dress a fresh look and new shape, it can be as casual or as formal as the other options mentioned here. If you want to add a twist to a dress that doesn't have one in place, just take a bit of the fabric at the bottom, fold into a knot, and tie or pin it to keep it in place.

High side split T-shirt dress

One benefit of a T-shirt dress that's on the longer side is that it presents the perfect opportunity to add a side split. The item can boast a slit on either side if you prefer. In fact, thanks to the added length of the fabric, the slit can be small and reach up to the knee or be much longer and reach as high as the top of your thigh. It could even stretch to your lower hip if you're feeling bold and like to show off your lovely legs.

Layered T-shirt dress

Change things up yet again by wearing a T-shirt dress with layers. That might include a blazer, vest, bra top, or whatever strikes your fashionable fancy. Although this could work with various combinations, a white dress with a black addition is certainly a stunning option, as would various color combinations. Beyond that, if you look a little closer, you might see something else that makes this kind of dress too good to resist. Focus around the hips, and you'll see extra material beneath the outer layer of the dress. That's right, those are pockets.