Ear Cuffs Are Bringing Edgy To The Everyday - How To Style Them

There are seemingly endless options when it comes to chic accessories, and you can include ear cuffs among the stylish bunch. A trend that comes back into mainstream fashion on occasion, it's currently sizzling once again, thanks to the fact that there are so many different versions that can be worn in just as many ways. Victoria Lampley, founder of jewelry and style advisory The Stax, told Elle, "Ear cuffs are still a major trend and getting bigger and bigger."

Of course, just because a trend is big doesn't mean you have to go all out right away. Frankly, it might be better to do the opposite and take it one step at a time. That means you'll want to figure out what kind of ear cuffs you'll love to show off before you even think about buying one. You'll also want to consider how and where you might want to wear your ear cuffs. There may be more options than you realized, and it can definitely help to narrow down which ones appeal to you the most before you pop them on.

If that has piqued your interest, then you'll surely be thrilled to find out that when it comes to this particular accessory, you'll be able to find everything from subtle options to ones that are much more eye-catching, as well as ones that work with various budgets. Indeed, there is undoubtedly an ear cuff or two that suits you, your style, and your fashion-related finances.

Basic ear cuff

An ear cuff doesn't have to be flashy to be a striking addition to your accessory game. All you need is a basic cuff, which can be worn on pretty much any spot along the outer ear. Of course, in this case, basic is anything but mundane. Despite opting for a straightforward option, you can still end up with a piece that's distinctive and delightful. A simple option might also be ideal if you're new to wearing ear cuffs and want something that's not too big, heavy, or bothersome while getting used to the feel.

Beaded ear cuff

Ear cuffs that boast beads may be somewhat bound by the sizes that can be used. However, that's pretty much the only limitation. There is a wide range of beads in different colors, patterns, and shapes that can be mixed and matched on a single cuff or on pairs and sets. They can also be plastic beads or ones that are made of glass, stone, wood, clay, and other fantastic materials. Beyond that, you'll surely appreciate that beaded ear cuffs can add an artistic touch to your ensemble as well as a boho, beachy, or playful vibe.

Diamond or silver ear cuff

Whether you're looking for something wonderfully luxe, formal, or simply prefer arguably more mature accessories, you might be interested in a diamond ear cuff. Consider a piece with a relatively wide band so there's just enough room for countless little jewels. You might also want to try a sleek polished silver cuff that's even thicker than the diamond-covered version. You can either wear them alone or pop them on together to complement each other and take your look up a stylish notch while still being fabulously refined.

Pearl ear cuff

Opt for an ear cuff that takes a classic element and pairs it with a contemporary design. For instance, pearls are seemingly timeless, which means adding one or more to an accessory is just as classic. At the same time, they can be added to a cuff in ways that give it a chic twist. For instance, a larger pearl secured to a thin silver band allows the glistening trinket to stand out. Second smaller pearls can be placed in somewhat unexpected spots to turn the piece into something truly unique.

Multiple stacked ear cuffs

Wearing multiple rings on your fingers can allow you to wear a range of your favorite pieces together. The same goes for stacked earrings and, of course, ear cuffs. If you like a maximalist aesthetic but still appreciate a cohesive look, then you can stick to one material or style, such as cuffs that all have gold bands, diamonds, and pearls. Or maybe one in every color of the rainbow. On the other hand, you could completely mix things up and pop on whatever cuffs make you smile, whether they happen to match or not.