Burnt Caramel Orange Nails Are Bringing The Aperol Spritz Manicure Trend To Fall 2023

Summer might be the season of sipping on spritzes every evening with Aperol-colored nails that match the season's beautiful sunsets, but fall is inevitably coming. Like all trends do, summer nails naturally evolve with the changing seasons. They become brighter when needed or darker as the weather dictates, and the transition from summer into fall is no different.


While nail trends come and go, we may be forgiven for wanting to adapt specific trends to the current season. As we look for darker warm tones for the fall, we can take some cues from summer trends and colors to get there. For example, everyone knows Aperol spritzes reign during the summer, but the caramel macchiato is the king of fall drinks. It makes sense that all we see during the summer is bright orange hues in contrast to fall's deeper brown-orange shades. In other words, you can keep the orange, but make it autumnal.

If you want to learn how to transition your Aperol spritz nails into burnt caramel ones this fall, keep reading. Sometimes, all you need is a darker color palette.

Caramel swirls

When you think of caramel, especially during the fall, what do you think of? Caramel swirls on the side of your iced caramel macchiato cup? Caramel swirls topping off your hot latte? Caramel swirls everywhere, really. This is why they'll also look great on your nails as they hold your ultra-caramelized fall drinks.


Choose a neutral nail polish for the base to let the caramel swirls pop, and use three varying shades of caramel, cream, and dark orange to create your swirls. Intertwine them together with a thin brush and there you go. Caramel latte nails to go, anyone? 

Psychedelic spritz

Not everyone wants to stray far from the bright and fun Aperol spritz nails of our summertime. If this resonates, you might want to try this edgier, more psychedelic take on orange nails.

If you're adventurous and experienced enough with your DIY nails at home, kudos to you. If not, there is no shame in pulling up to your monthly nail appointment and showing your trusty nail tech this picture. They'll know exactly how to get that watercolor blend of caramel shades just right and line it all with the sparkliest of golden glitters. Thank you, talented nail techs everywhere.


Mix and match

Every nail salon visit means an internal struggle between two adorable nail trends, both seasonally perfect and stylish. Why do we blindly choose one style and leave feeling only half satisfied? Because you don't actually need to choose — you're free to mix and match both nail designs.


Turns out, getting one design on one hand and a completely different one on the other is nothing but chic. All you need to do to avoid looking mismatched is to pick from one (three-toned maximum) caramel color palette and stick to it for both hands.

Plain caramel

Of course, we couldn't forget the tried and true solid caramel orange nails. We can't lie, these always form part of our fall nail rotation because they're just that perfect for the season. Where Aperol spritz nails keep the fun alive during the summer, caramel nails keep the vibes cozy for us during the fall — and don't these remind you of caramel apples at the fair? The nostalgia gets us every time.


Shades of burnt caramel look great on all nails. Short, long, square, or almond. Feel free to try these out on your preferred nail shape and thank us later.