Cherry Auburn Is The Subtle Hair Color Trend For Dipping Your Toe Into Red

Whether you have light hair and have been thinking about going darker with fabulously fiery tints or have brunette strands and are intrigued by the idea of a color that is a little spicier than your natural shade, you definitely need to consider opting for a cherry auburn hue. Straying away from orange and purple undertones, Jason Lee, a hairstylist, colorist, and the founder of haircare brand Mela & Kera, explained to Glamour what you can expect when embracing this tone, saying, "It's an alternative to auburn but still in the warm, reddish family."

Beyond that, a range of cherry auburn shades might pique your interest, including versions closer to classic red hair and others adding a wine-colored tinge to toasty brown tones. Although they're not the boldest or brightest options, they are a subtle way to test out this chic trend. That's why Lee noted, "For those of us who aren't ready to take the full plunge into red, chocolate cherry seems to be a great way to update your look and make it modern but still live in the brunette world."

On top of the exact tones you want to achieve, you should also consider how you want to add each tint. Although you could opt for one stunning color for your entire mane or are a fan of highlights, balayage, or something completely unique, you'll surely be able to find a cherry auburn option that's just right for you.

Copper cherry auburn hair

If you want a shade of hair that ends up leaning more toward the cherry end of the scale, as opposed to the auburn aspect of this color but still want to stick with a rather subtle transition, then a coppery version might be your best bet. Putting a luscious twist on the trend, it will look incredible in the sunlight and just as alluring when hit by shadows. This is also a hue that can be a flattering option for people with a range of skin tones and suit any season.

Rusty cherry auburn hair

You may never want to try another shade of auburn hair once you've seen how amazing you look with a rusty cherry tone. An ideal choice if you want to attempt highlights at the same time, you can start with a cherry brunette base and add the slightly lighter rusty sections in strategic spots. If done just right by a pro who knows how to nail the perfect tone for each client, you can end up with a shade that looks like a natural color that's been taken up a notch or two.

Rich chocolate cherry auburn hair

There's no denying the fact that cherry auburn hair looks as good as it sounds. The same can be said of a shade that also indulges in a rich chocolate tint. This might work best for you if you're starting out with darker hair and want to try going lighter in a slow and subtle way. A posh variation that has an expensive brunette vibe and would never become tiresome or look out of date, it could work as your signature summer look or be part of your chic winter aesthetic.

Dark cherry auburn hair

A dark cherry shade of auburn hair is a hue that will complement both your eye color and skin tone, no matter what they happen to be. Beyond that, it's perfect for those who already have brunette hair — or know they look fantastic with beautiful brown strands — but aren't interested in making a major change. Offering you just enough of a twist without going too far, it may not be the most dramatic or daring choice, but it still might be just what you need to give your hair a fresh and modern makeover.