The Ultimate Guide To Astrocartography

In its simplest form, astrocartography is a mix of astrology and geography that feels like a natal chart laced with a palm reading. It may seem confusing until you look deeper into this interesting form of determining where you should travel or leave (among other things). Astrologer Clarisse Monahan explained astrocartagrophy to Well+Good as using "the scientific aspects of geography and astronomy showing you which places will have the most significant impact by looking at how the angles in your chart are performing in these new locations."


It's much like a natal chart in the fact that you need your birthdate, time, and place to get a reading. It has lines that correspond with different planets, and the meanings derived from those lines come from the aspects of the planets connected to them. This makes it feel a lot like a birth chart and a palm reading because your palm has many connections to the planets as well. "Any time we're thinking of relocating, traveling, holding a retreat, or having a wedding, it's good to know what energies the destination holds for us," astrologer Dara Dubinet told Well+Good. To find this out, you need to know exactly how to use astrocartography, so let's take a closer look.

How to use astrocartography

While the main focus of astrocartography is location — hence the use of a map to mark all of your lines — what those locations are about can vary. You could be looking for a new place to live or somewhere to go for your next vacation, or you could be searching for new love or a new job or career. Mapping out your astrocartography chart can help you find the best place to discover these things. 


It's all based on where planets and other celestial bodies were at the time of your birth in certain locations — different points in different locations can have either positive or negative meanings. Perhaps one area is a bad place for you to live because the planet was at its lowest point and wouldn't give you abundant energies of it, or it may be at its highest point and give you all of the good stuff. Then again, some planets have negative aspects — and this is where astrocartography may not be easy for a layperson to dive into without the help of an experienced astrologer. There are lots of lines to decipher, so let's look at what each one could be telling you.

What your moon line means

When looking at your moon line in your astrocartography map, you can learn where you're most likely to meet people who have a deeper inner connection with you. These are the people who are going to teach you lessons about emotions — they're most likely going to be good experiences, or at least give you lessons that you need to learn. This is where you'll find your ride-or-die friends and some wonderful romantic relationships that stay in your heart forever.


When it comes to looking for a place to live or visit for an extended stay, your moon line will point you to places where you'll feel the most at home. If you've ever gone somewhere and felt like you belonged there, you may want to check to see if your moon line moves through this space. This could be a sign as to why you feel so connected and comfortable in that particular city or town. The places along your moon line are where you can find relaxation, whether you're looking for a place to vacation or somewhere to retire. 

What your sun line means

In basic astrology, your sun sign is an overview of your character. It has a somewhat similar meaning when it comes to reading this line on a map in astrocartography. The places your sun line goes through are those towns and cities where you'll feel most powerful, most loved, and the most in control. If you're looking for a career where you're in charge, we suggest looking to the places along your sun line — that's where you'll get the most respect from your peers and be seen for all of your abilities in your field of work.


If you're on the search for your true self, your sun line can help with that as well. Living or visiting one of these places on the map will boost your self-confidence. "On sun lines, we just tend to be able to be who we're meant to be, to not have to put on any airs and graces because it's truly our essence on a sun line," astrologer Clarisse Monahan told Marie Claire.

What your Mercury line means

If communication is your job, you may want to look for work along your Mercury line where communication will be wide open. Whether you're a writer or a speaker, the areas on this line are where you can expect to get your point across. If you're a traveling speaker or doing book signings, schedule at least some of your stops along this line. You'll get a great reception from the locals, and you may even make some new friends along the way.


When you live somewhere on your Mercury line, you can expect to be popular and enjoy gatherings and a decent friend circle. Expect to be the life of the party. If you're an introvert, this may not be the best line to look for when it comes to comfortable living situations, however. Then again, if you're trying to work on being more outgoing, your Mercury line may be just the thing to help you get out there and talk to more people.

What your Venus line means

When it comes to travel plans and your Venus line, those places along this position on your Astrocartography chart are where to visit if you're looking for a little single fun or to take your partner for a very romantic rendezvous. Venus is the goddess of love, so it makes perfect sense your Venus line would have a lot to do with romance — whether you're looking and trying to spice up your current partnership.


Being somewhere on this line in your travels also helps you tap into your femininity. You'll not only feel more beautiful, but you'll feel that inner beauty, too. You'll also find it easier to attract true friendships along the Venus line. If you're looking for good luck in love or even a career, look along your Venus line for it. Expect things to be intense, though, as your passion for all things you love will be heightened. Think of the things you're most passionate about and strive for them in this position on the map. You could end up finding your dream career or your twin flame.

What your Jupiter line means

Jupiter is the planet we look to when we're seeking abundance and expansion, and if you want to get the most out of life, you may be able to find it along your Jupiter line. Of course, being exuberantly happy comes with some pitfalls. As astrologer Clarisse Monahan told Marie Claire, "Sometimes we can be more prone to weight gain on a Jupiter line because it's that energy of everything expands. We tend to want to merrymake more — so drink and eat."


There's nothing wrong with being comfortable, though. This line is where you'll find yourself thirsting for more knowledge, and possibly even wanting to travel. Whether you find your travel destination along the Jupiter line or use it for inspiration is up to you. Traveling to a destination you find on the Jupiter line could be a great way to learn a new language or learn about a new culture. If you've been longing to find more diversity in your life and wished to know more about other people in the world, you'll want to give your Jupiter line some extra attention.

What your Mars line means

The fiery planet of Mars is named after the Roman god of war, so as you can imagine, this planet has some powerful energy behind it. There are both good and bad traits to look out for when it comes to this line, however. While someone who needs assistance increasing their confidence and assertiveness can find the boost they need on the Mars line, someone who is already overly confident may find themselves more egotistical when spending too much time in one of these areas.


Being more assertive can help you find the career you want, especially if you're looking for something in upper management. It can make you feel stronger and more in control of your relationships. If you're looking for love on the Mars line, though, you may find yourself partnered with people who want to be in control of the relationship — this may not be a good thing. Also, Mars pushes us to work hard and play hard with its fiery energy. You may find it difficult to make time for relationships if you're busy with work or living your own life.

What your Saturn line means

If work is life for you (say, if you're a Capricorn), then living or working on the Saturn line could be perfect. For most people, this line isn't a favored place to be because it focuses on getting work done ... and it doesn't let up. If you've been too focused on having fun and you want to put your nose to the grindstone, you'll want to find work along the Saturn line. You may be too busy to enjoy the fruits of your labor while you're here, but just imagine the retirement money you'll have to enjoy once the time comes!


"The thing about Saturn, if you actually make an effort to put in the time and effort, you can get great results, but it's never gonna be a party zone," astrologer Clarisse Monahan told Marie Claire. If you're looking for a working vacation, visiting somewhere along your Saturn line will help you get lots done — this is great if you're a writer looking to be the next Stephen King. If you're thinking of starting your own business, check out places along this line for a successful start-up. You could find the drive you need to launch something new.

What your Neptune line means

Have you ever simply wanted to escape into a dream world of your own making? That's where the Neptune line comes in handy, as this acts like a hall of illusions. Of course, illusions can be good and bad. The negative aspect of the Neptune line is that spending too much time in la-la land can lead to lethargy. While your Neptune line is a great place to take a break from everything in your day-to-day life, it's not the perfect place to stay indefinitely.


If you're looking to volunteer some of your time, however, the Neptune line is a good place for that. Neptune has a way of making us more empathetic toward others and inclined to help those in need. This could have something to do with Pisces being one of the most empathetic of the zodiac signs, as it's ruled by this planet.

What your Uranus line means

Uranus is the rough and tough planet that uproots our lives and throws major transformations our way — it's like the Death card and the Tower in tarot combined into one. It's frightening, but it doesn't all have to be bad. After all, sometimes, change is good. The positive changes that can come with an upheaval from your Uranus line include being inspired to start new things and pushing you to stand out, even when you may be afraid to do so. If you need something new in your life and you're feeling brave, find a home on your Uranus line. If you need an inspiring vacation, go there.


The bad things, though, include career changes, even when you're not looking for them. This may mean it's best not to get a job on your Uranus line unless you're considering making big conversions to what you're doing in your life and career. Your Uranus line could spell disaster for relationships as well, so unless you're looking for something that might burn out fast, avoid dating along this line.

What your Chiron line means

Chiron is a mythological being, a centaur, who is referred to as the wounded warrior. He is always able to heal others, but never himself. For those who are deeply empathic, this is a super relatable feeling. When you're on your Chiron line, you spend more time focusing internally on healing, and that is never a bad thing to do. Self-care is so very important, but your time on this line may not all be positive.


Time spent internally can bring up old traumas, and Chiron is all about making us face our painful demons. Taking the time to deal with the deep wounds that you've buried for years can be truly healing and change your life. Your sensitivities will start to come out, so even if you're only visiting the Chiron line for a short time, you may struggle with your moods and emotions. Be sure you go into it with some strong emotional intelligence.

What your Pluto line means

Pluto is the destroyer, and there's a reason it is the ruling planet of the dark and mysterious Scorpio — they're a water sign with a light of unbridled fire pushing them. Like Uranus, Pluto is all about shaking things up and causing major transformations in your life. It's also similar to the Tower tarot card, but it's here to help you do what's necessary to make the changes the universe is requiring you to make. Move to a place on your Pluto line if you're ready to begin a whole new life and toss out the old.


If you need to do some deep shadow work, your Pluto line is also the perfect place to visit for this. If you're looking for work or love, the Pluto line isn't the best place for that. However, vacations — when you're in need of some self-love and healing — are the right reasons to visit this line on your astrocartography map.

What your north and south nodes mean

We've looked at some planets and asteroids so far, but they are not the only things you want to look at when it comes to astrocartography. Just as your natal chart looks at all sorts of points in the sky at the time of your birth, so too does this map. The lunar nodes exist to make your life purposeful. The north node will tell you where you are heading, while the south node shows you where you've already been. This is much like in palmistry where your dominant hand is what you've done with the gifts given to you, while your other hand shows the gifts you were born with.


To find out where you're going, spend some time on the north node line on your chart. This could be where everything seems to fall into place. On the south node, you may experience some pains of the past, or nostalgia related to the positive things from your past.

How to put it all together

There's a lot that goes into an astrocartography reading, so doing your own may quickly become overwhelming. Your best bet is to visit an astrologer with experience in this type of reading, although you can get a look at your map online. You can use the descriptions of each line to get an idea of where to go for what you're seeking. It helps to go into the reading knowing what you want, whether it's a desire to find a successful job, true love, someplace awesome to vacation, or a new place to move to start your life over.


"The biggest thing is not to be fearful of the harder lines, because there are things that they all are giving us," astrologer Dara Dubinet told Well+Good. "If you chose a more challenging line to live on, it's only making you stronger and more evolved. It might be the shake-up you need." Remember, even if you aren't ready to move but you live on a line that is a little tougher than others, life can still be amazing.