Your Guide To The Lion's Gate Portal & Why It's So Key For Manifesting What You Want

What happens when astrology, astronomy, and numerology collide? An event so powerful that it was once associated with the annual flooding of the Nile in ancient Egypt. Unlike many coveted astrological events, the Lion's Gate Portal occurs each and every year. It occurs right in the middle of Leo season (hence the name) and is the most powerful on August 8. This is when the sun slides into peak alignment with the star Sirius (the brightest star in the sky), the constellation Orion's Belt, and the Earth, creating the purest fire energy of the year.

When fire energy is high, so is motivation and drive. Combine that burning passion with the reflective workhorse vibes of Sirius and the mystical nature of the number eight — according to numerology — and you've got a recipe for effective manifestation. Time to nail down your goals and get ready to make them realities between now and when the moving parts of the equation step back out of alignment on August 13.

Astrological and numerological significance

If you're familiar with astrology, you're likely no stranger to Leo energy. Leo sun natives and Leo season are known for their big, bold, assertive, and sometimes egotistical vibes. It's no surprise, then, that the peak of this fiery energy is a good time to put plans in motion. While Leo's boldness can sometimes cause trouble, the Lion's Gate Portal provides a much-needed balance to that tendency in the form of Sirius.

Senior astrologer Narayana Montúfar told that the star Sirius is known as the "spiritual sun of our sun. "Basically," she explained, "they are sister stars: constantly getting closer together and apart because of their shared gravity motion." And when Sirius gets close to Earth, astrologers believe, according to, that "humanity experiences a surge of higher consciousness."

This makes the Lion's Gate Portal the best time to cash in on fire energy. The number eight is considered a magical and infinite number associated with spirituality and heightened consciousness. Repeating numbers, in general, are often labeled "angel numbers" and are considered to be messages sent from the universe. A double eight represents an urge to act on your ambitions and make your dreams a reality. And what day is August 8? That's right — a double eight. 

How to manifest during the Lion's Gate Portal

Once you decide to tap into the Lion's Gate Portal to manifest your desires, it's time to get bold. If you usually keep your manifestation practices low-key with a quick wish or list, be prepared to step up your game for this event. Embrace your inner Leo and get demanding. Set aside some time to journal out your top desires and spell out the details of the way you want your life to look and feel. Maybe even consider giving the "O method" manifestation technique a try.

Between August 8 and August 12, re-read the list daily and then spend at least a few minutes meditating on it. Close your eyes and vividly imagine how you'll feel when the items on your list have already happened. The Lion's Gate Portal can also stir up meaningful dreams that can help you narrow down your wants and needs. Some believe that placing a crystal like amethyst near your bedside may help you remember the dreams that can guide you to manifest your ideal future.

"Take some time out to remember who you truly are, practice your gratitude, and be clear with your dreams to manifest all that your heart desires," psychic Zee to Zen tells Glamour. "This is your opportunity to be proud, have the strength and be your highest self."