The 'Hush Cut': The Universally Cute Trend Bringing Softness To Your Hair

If you're on the hunt for a gentle, cute cut with a bit of whimsy and an effortless luminosity, look no further. The hush cut trend is all about soft, feminine, long layers with a wispiness we just can't get enough of. It's light, bouncy, and easy to style. So, if you aren't too fond of time-intensive styles, that's another reason to give the hush cut a go. It's really all in the name with this one and with the versatility the style brings, we'd be hard pressed to find something we don't love about it.

"The hush cut is a soft, layered haircut that is nearly always paired with wispy bangs or at least shorter, face-framing layers," founders of The Hair Bros Sean Paul Nother and Nick Latham told Glamour. "The haircut is layered throughout, which creates a beautiful distribution in weight and movement in the hair." Great for a variety of hair lengths and textures, the hush cut is sure to please and is universally flattering.

Short and sweet

This soft, shoulder-length hush cut says easy breezy like no other. Great for those low-maintenance — yet effortlessly stylish — seasons of life, the free-flowing element of the hush cut is carefree, laid back, and classic from root to end. Whether you opt for shorter bangs or longer face-framing layers, this look is optimal for the undone beauties.

Long and lush

If you aren't loving the notion of losing length to try out this trend, worry not. The hush cut is all about its softness and wispy, ethereal energy, which can definitely be managed on long locks with some longer bangs, much like a wavy mermaid haircut. A few loose curls and you're beyond set to wow. This long layered cut promises to freshen up your look.

Effortless and chic face-framing waves

With chin-length layers and a wispy blend from there on down, this look is ideal if you are on the fence about curtain bangs or anything on the shorter side around your face. Still soft in all the right ways, this hush cut variation is sure to please and will also require minimal styling. 

Subtle and delicate gradual layers

Naturally flowing and cascading from layer to layer, the soft movement of the hush cut is unmatched. With gradual layers that are a little longer around the face, it's even more eye-catching, yet still subtle and effortlessly beautiful. This cut isn't dramatic and likely won't give you a new identity like some styles can, but the quiet shift of the hush cut is just enough to ensure you made the right choice.

Wispy whimsy updos

One of the many appealing aspects of the hush cut is how easy and simple it is to wear up. If you're a fan of claw clips, this style couldn't flow more seamlessly than with a hush cut. The cascading layers pile on beautifully and the wispy side pieces or bangs fall out in perfection.