Helix Piercings Are Trending - How To Use Them To Upgrade Your Earring Look

Helix piercings are having a moment and for good reason too. The piercing adds a fun new look to your ears and manages to upgrade a simple earring look into a gorgeous display. For those who don't know, helix piercings are generally described as piercings found on the perimeter or outer cartilage of your ear. How they are placed and customized is mainly based on your personality and what you feel fits you best.

There is no limit to what earrings you wear or even if they are symmetrical on both ears. "In general, you can wear hoops, traditional studs, flatbacks, and screw-backs," explains Sarah Lacy, BSN, RN, the senior manager of piercing research and innovation at Rowan, to Glamour magazine. "You may find one style more comfortable than another, and that's okay! Typically, the most comfortable are flatback styles, whether that's a push-in style, internally or externally threaded, you can find what works best for you." There are multiple helix piercings to try out and add to create the perfect earring set.

Stack a snakebite piercing

If you are thinking of doing something simple, consider getting a snakebite helix piercing. According to Studs, snakebites are two earrings that are stacked together. This can be placed anywhere around the ear. However, for a subtle look, have the highest piercing placed in the middle of the ear and stack earrings right below it.

Consider a midi helix

A midi helix is another option that is available to try. These helix piercings are similar to the name and are placed closer to the middle of the ear. While any earring can look good in this placement, hoops and studs work best in this position.

Get a forward helix

A forward helix is normally found on the cartilage closest to your face, just above the tragus. According to Fresh Trends, these are one of the most painful piercings you can get for yourself, seeing as it still sits on the cartilage. Plus, it can take around six months for the piercing to heal.

Add a flat helix

Flat helix piercings get their name from being placed on the flat part of the ear, shares piercing jewelry store Laura Bond. Depending on your pain level, they rate the piercings' pain a 4 out of 10, which shouldn't be too bad. These piercings can capture anyone's attention based on their placement alone. When picking an earring, statement studs are the hottest option.

Pack on the earings

Can't decide which earrings you want to wear? Then don't. The best part about this type of piercing is you don't need to choose just one version of this piercing. You have the opportunity to add as little or as much as you want, depending on your personal taste. However, if you are getting multiple piercings, it's best to go to a piercer with experience who can help you map out your earrings.