Makeup Artist Tells Us Why Hailey Bieber's Foundation Technique Isn't Worth It

The beauty side of TikTok is aglow with revelations about how Hailey Bieber applies her foundation. Though not every video is about her technique specifically, #foundationhack has 1.5 billion views on the video platform, so there's definitely a market for tips like hers. But what does it entail? Bieber's application "hack" consists of pumping liquid foundation into your palm instead of onto a brush or makeup sponge. Then, you use a brush to pick up the product from your hand and transfer it onto your face. Since the skin on our palms doesn't contain pores, according to Buckhead Dermatology, the foundation isn't absorbed, minimizing waste — at least that's how TikTok user Kelly Strack explains it.


Still, despite being über-famous, Bieber isn't a professional makeup artist, so we asked Elizabeth Seropian, an MUA with over a decade of experience, for her thoughts on the application method. In a nutshell, she wasn't particularly impressed by it, and she shared exclusively with Glam why she wouldn't recommend this foundation trick to her clients or other makeup artists. 

You could transfer oil and bacteria to your face

Elizabeth Seropian expressed her concerns to Glam about the hygienic implications of Hailey Bieber's foundation application technique. "The 'palm to brush to face' method in makeup application can raise sanitation concerns," she exclusively told us. "When using this method, the potential issues include transferring bacteria, oils, and dirt from the hands to the makeup brush and subsequently to the face. This can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and potential skin irritation."


If a potential cosmetic acne breakout isn't what you're going for when applying your makeup, you might want to steer clear of this method. Instead, apply your foundation directly onto either your makeup brush or your face. Then, use the same brush or a damp makeup sponge to evenly distribute the product and blend it into your face for a natural, skin-like finish. No direct handling of the product is required or even recommended when it comes to foundation, especially if you're applying it to someone else. 

The hack can lead to product waste and uneven distribution

Despite what you may have heard on TikTok, the fact that our palms are poreless doesn't mean that they can't absorb moisture and other substances. Think back to the last time you spent a day swimming or floating in a pool with an umbrella drink, watching your hands and feet absorb so much water that they looked like raisins. According to Scientific American, this phenomenon is thanks to ultra-absorbent keratin, the protein that makes up much of the protective outer layer of our skin, hair, and nails (and the same one found in protein hair masks).


"The 'palm to brush to face' method can lead to more product waste due to absorption into the hands," Elizabeth Seropian exclusively told Glam. "A preferable method is applying the product directly to the brush or face. This will ensure an even distribution of the product and a smoother blending process, resulting in a more precise and efficient makeup application." There we have it, folks. At the end of the day, Hailey Bieber's foundation technique might not be worth the buzz after all.