The Eighth House In Astrology Is All About Intimacy

If you have delved into the intricacies of astrology, the houses and their significance in our cosmic thumbprints are likely no mystery to you. As the houses function much like stages for planets and zodiac signs to express themselves, they are believed to have quite an influence on our life experiences. "The birth chart, which is one's personal roadmap in life, describes our personal vibes and goals — and it is divided into 12 houses that describe the areas in life that are important to us, according to astrology," astrologer Lisa Stardust told Bustle


When it comes to the Eighth House, the focus is on transformation, rebirth, and intimacy –- specifically, sexual intimacy. However, it's not just the fun and carefree type of physical connection. It's the kind that leads to deep emotional bonding and spiritual expansion. The Eighth House is the landscape of lust and magnetic chemistry. It is the grounds where two souls merge and transcend into higher realms. Understanding your Eighth House in your birth chart can illuminate the depths of your most intimate relationships and how they may lead to intense transformations.

Major planets in the Eighth House

Secretive, intuitive, and deeply independent, Scorpio rules over the darker, taboo elements of the Eighth House. Someone with a placement like Venus in the Eighth House will likely fall hard when they fall in love and will not take intimacy lightly. The same could be said of those with Mars in the Eighth House, who tend to be attracted to those who are a bit moody or despondent. Parting with a romantic partner may never be easy for those with this placement as the intimacy is often deeply intense and life-altering.


When a birth chart has major planets in the Eighth House, you can likely expect an individual who is deeply passionate, serious, seemingly psychic, and sometimes jealous in relationships. Even an empty Eighth House will still have an impact on your life. Others may have a hard time reading you, but there's a magnetic quality about you that simply can't be resisted.

The Eighth House and transcendental intimacy

The Eighth House is often associated with sex, but it's important to clarify that this house is really about the profound, ritualistic bonding that can occur in romantic relationships. This house represents the potential for a sacred intimacy that can lead to a metaphorical death and rebirth, transcending what we previously thought was possible. While other houses may focus on casual flings, sex in the Eighth House is thought to seal two souls together -– and there's very little levity on the matter.


If you have strong placements in the Eighth House, you may feel that every person you fall for is your soul mate. You may also experience a strong sense of protectiveness as a result of your bond. You're either clearly taken or totally free; there's no middle ground. You might be described as a hopeless romantic, intense, or sometimes even overly possessive of your mate.