Bridal Fashion Is Trending For Everyday Looks - Here's How To Pull It Off

Do you remember when Dua Lipa's 2023 Met Gala look gave bridal Barbie? While it seemed like a somewhat strange outfit choice at the time, the pop star may have been onto something, as more and more celebrities are seemingly embracing wedding-inspired ensembles. Between the long, silky-looking white dress Hailey Bieber posted on Instagram in late June and the similarly silky, sleeveless white maxi dress Kim Kardashian wore to the annual TIME100 Gala, some of the most influential celebrities are wearing what appear to be bridal-inspired garments in 2023 despite not actually getting married.

Hear us out: Bridecore is coming, and, if we're being honest, we aren't surprised. After all, how could rom-com core be a 2023 aesthetic and not bridecore, which is a little more grounded? So, regardless of your marital status, get ready to see many variations of wedding-inspired everyday outfits. But before you get annoyed — or go out and buy an actual wedding dress — you should know that the trend is easier to pull off than it sounds.

Wear white clothes

One easy and obvious way to embrace the bride-inspired fashion trend is to wear more white pieces. Since traditional wedding dresses are white, you'll instantly exude bridal energy by wearing a white dress or monochromatic white outfit. If you don't want to take the aesthetic that far, just wearing a white blouse, skirt, or blazer can still help you channel the bridal trend.

Add lace pieces

We can't think of anything more beautiful and elegant than a wedding gown with lace. After all, lace is a beloved option for sophisticated and classy bridal gowns. So, incorporating some of it into your everyday outfits can help you tap into the bride-inspired aesthetic, whether you opt for an all-lace garment or a piece with a couple of subtle lace details at the sleeves or midriff.

Consider wearing more long dresses

Short wedding dresses are cute and fun, but traditional bridal gowns err on the longer side. Thus, a great way to capture that classic bridal look every day is to swap out some of your minidresses for maxi options. Go for a white maxi dress for an ultra-bridal-inspired look, or go modern and free-spirited with a colorful one.

Rock a headpiece

Once upon a time, it seemed like most brides only wore veils on their heads, but today, many brides are getting creative with their headpieces, opting for tiaras, floral pieces, and even hats instead of classic veils. Why not wear these fun headpieces with your everyday outfits, too? Embellish your ensembles with a classy hat or even a glamorous tiara if you want to add a bridal edge. If those options sound too bold for your taste, though, you could don a sparkly or white — or both — headband instead.

Flaunt floral touches

The wedding bouquet is a mainstay of traditional weddings, so it could be fun to incorporate floral details into your outfit for a romantic bridal touch. The rose is the most romantic flower we can think of, so why not rock a garment with a rose print for an ultra-romantic look that exudes bridal energy? Still, your favorite flower will do, so there's no need to only stick to roses.