Kitten Heels Are Back In Fall 2023, And They're Getting A Chic Upgrade

When it comes to selecting the kind of heels you want to step out in, you might choose them based on what suits your outfit, what works for your foot shape, or what you can manage without painfully rolling your ankle. Or, you may like to follow current trends, in which case, you definitely need to give kitten heels a go. As the name suggests, these are a smaller version of the style (in the same way a kitten is a tinier cat, obvs). This is why the classic versions tend to have a heel that's around 1.5 inches to 2 inches high and no more. The sleek shape is also oh-so-slightly curved inward on all sides, which results in the heel being under and slightly inside the back of the shoe instead of perfectly in line with it.

This may sound like a style that's too good to miss out on. However, it's actually been considered an iffy option. In the past, some might have thought kitten heels didn't make enough of a statement or add enough to an ensemble, but they're now seen as an ideal choice that is relatively comfortable while also elevating an outfit (and literally giving you a little physical boost). This ideal combination is likely why you can find current kitten-heeled footwear that embraces everything from classic styles to edgy accents as well as versions that go beyond the simple shoe.

Chic classic kitten heel shoes

Classic kitten heels may not always have been considered stylish. However, that's not the case when it comes to contemporary versions. Instead, you'll surely be able to find designs that are wonderfully chic and are available in a range of modern colors. With a pointed front end to match the thin heel, as well as a low-cut back and a top that just manages to cover the toes, you may find yourself falling in love with the shape. You may also adore the fact that these can be worn with casual, professional, or formal ensembles.

Strappy kitten heel shoes

Thanks to a kitten heel's delicate nature, it definitely suits a strappy shoe that relies on thin pieces of material. A fabulous contemporary option that is surely now timeless, you may want shoes that opt for multiple straps that not only provide stability but also create captivating designs across your foot. Or, you might prefer ones with just a few straps placed in specific strategic spots, such as the toe bridge and ankle, that keep the footwear in place while also giving them a sleek look.

Edgy kitten heel shoes

Kitten heels may have a cute name, but that doesn't mean they have to be paired with an otherwise demure design. In fact, adding kitten heels to shoes with an edge is a great way to put a contemporary take on this classic style. Think along the lines of metal studs, striking spikes, chunky buckles, or chain straps. You might even want kitten-heeled shoes that boast a chrome color that is more than just a little modern or a mirror finish that is almost futuristic in a fabulous kind of way.

Kitten heel ankle boots

Kitten heels aren't just for shoes! In fact, they can suit a range of other styles, including boots. For instance, you may opt for trendy ankle boots that boast itty bitty stiletto heels. The sleek, cropped design of the boots works oh-so-well with the equally sleek, cropped nature of the heels. A flattering option on their own, ankle boots with kitten heels are a great way to put a slightly different twist on a favorite ensemble or transition your outfits from one season to another.

Kitten heel tall boots

Mid-calf boots, above-the-knee boots, and thigh-high boots are all stylish options for those in the mood for relatively tall footwear that offers a fair share of coverage (not to mention warmth and protection from the cold during the winter months). The same can be said of form-fitting boots and ones that feature a loose, slouched fit. Although sky-high heels undeniably work with this style thanks to the fact that they flaunt the same effect as the upper body of the boot, kitten heels can create a chic complementary contrast.