Yellow Is The Color Trend You Need For Dopamine Dressing In 2023

We love everything about dopamine dressing, as wearing bright, cheerful colors is an excellent way to start our days on an upbeat note and add some color to this sometimes dark and dreary world. Dopamine dressing has been such a prominent trend in the 2020s that dopamine jewelry is taking pops of color to the next level, too! If you want to rock some dopamine-inspired ensembles in 2023, you should start wearing more yellow, as this color always exudes happiness.

"Give any child a box of crayons, and they reach for the yellow crayon. And invariably in the upper right-hand corner or left-hand corner will appear the ball of sun and often with the rays emanating out," Leatrice Eiseman, color specialist and executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, told CNN. We may not be kids anymore, but seeing yellow may still brighten our mood. If you want to start your day on a happier note and put smiles on people's faces, explore yellow fashion in 2023.

Trousers are more fun in yellow

Sometimes trousers can appear a bit uptight compared to casual or free-spirited bottom options like jeans, leggings, and skirts, but yellow trousers will always look exciting. While yellow trousers are still appropriate for work settings and professional events because of their sophisticated designs, the fun hue will make them look more lively.

Consider committing to a monochromatic yellow outfit

We can't think of any brighter, more fun-looking outfits than monochromatic yellow ensembles. If you're brave enough to wear all yellow, you'll brighten any room you walk into on any day of the week. Consider rocking a yellow jumpsuit, dress, or a yellow set, like a yellow blouse with yellow trousers or a yellow crop top with a matching skirt.

Use other hues for contrast

Color blocking can be super fun — and yellow is an excellent hue for that bold trend. For instance, a pair of lively purple boots will add a daring contrasty touch to a monochromatic yellow jumpsuit. You may even want to go for more contrast with a yellow top and a skirt or pants in a different hue.

Wear yellow to work out

We all have those days when we know we should work out but aren't enthusiastic about it. Do you think wearing all dark, gloomy-looking athleisure will improve your attitude? We don't think so. Instead of exercising in black or gray workout clothes, show up to the gym in yellow athleisure. The sunny hue should help lead to a more positive attitude.

Keep warm in yellow outerwear

While yellow may remind you of warmer days, the color isn't only for summer weather. It can make for a great statement coat. After all, we can't think of any way to make a bolder statement than to rock a yellow jacket. Unlike a typical black or gray coat, yellow-colored ones will appear upbeat and exciting and can help even the dullest tops and bottoms appear lively.

Rock yellow accessories

You don't want to forget about accessories. After all, yellow add-ons are excellent for elevating outfits and helping them stand out. Whether you rock yellow footwear, purses, jewelry, hats, or sunglasses — or all those options — your ensemble will instantly look sunnier and more playful. That said, if you're hesitant about sporting yellow accessories, feel free to start small with a yellow pendant necklace or pair of earrings and gather more accessories as you go.