Statement Coats Are The Biggest Outerwear Trend You'll Need Going Into Fall Fashion Season

Statement coats are some of the most stylish garments anyone can purchase, as these lively outerwear pieces can significantly transform many outfits from dull to striking. For example, TikToker Alyssa Francois posted a video adding a long, colorful, fuzzy-looking statement coat to a monochromatic black outfit. The statement coat instantly took the ensemble from basic to head-turning because of the coat's colors, length, and texture. If you enjoy wearing coats like that, you're in luck — because statement coats are set to be a significant fall 2023 trend.

"Coats were a definite highlight this fashion month. From tailored coats at Khaite, Gucci, and Erdem to leather coats at Gabriela Hearst and Ferragamo, we've seen numerous iterations of these luxurious, elevated styles on the runway," Libby Page, Net-a-Porter's Market Director, told Who What Wear. Thus, anyone who wants to master coating season in 2023 needs a statement coat for trendy, bold outerwear. Luckily, there are so many statement coat styles available that we believe there's a statement coat for everyone.

Try a cozy blanket coat

Yes, blanket coats are as cozy as they sound. If you like the idea of wearing a long, warm garment that will feel like a blanket and help you adjust to the uncomfortable fall and winter wind while looking chic with colors and patterns you enjoy, you should shop for a blanket coat.

Rock a loud color

Do you want your coat to make a loud statement anywhere you wear it? Opt for a coat with a bright hue. For example, society is obsessed with the Barbiecore fashion trend in 2023, so consider a bold pink option. Or, go for a striking red option, a neon shade of blue, or a bright, sunny yellow — there are so many exciting choices.

Flaunt colors from the rainbow

We never said your statement coat can only feature one hue. Therefore, we encourage you to explore garments with various colors. Rock a rainbow look by wearing a statement coat featuring many colors from the rainbow for a unique, colorful appearance. Such a bold coat will be an excellent focal point for any ensemble.

Use the coat for contrast

As previously mentioned, it's always a good idea to pair a colorful coat with a monochromatic neutral outfit, such as all black or white. However, statement coats aren't only for neutral ensembles. If you're comfortable with bold contrast, wear a coat pattern featuring red and brown with bright blue pants, for instance.

Don't fear wacky color combinations on the coat

The contrast doesn't only have to be between the statement coat and what you wear under it. In other words, try on coats that feature patterns with contrasting colors, such as a coat with a pink and green plaid design — pink and green together make the ultimate watermelon sugar look — or any other daring color combinations.

Explore long lengths for sophisticated vibes

A long length is beneficial in a coat for more than one reason. Of course, the extra length will keep you warmer on chilly days. But additionally, the extra length will provide more drama to your look and help the coat stand out. Long statement coats appear glamorous, adding effortless sophistication to any ensemble, even if you wear super casual clothes under that outerwear piece.

Experiment with fun textures

The products' lengths, colors, and patterns are excellent aspects to consider when shopping for statement coats, but we can't forget texture. Many of our favorite bold outerwear pieces feature unique, non-traditional textures. So, coats with fur or soft, fuzzy textures are fun statement pieces to explore instead of less exciting traditional textures.