Blood Orange Nails Are The Must-Try Manicure Color For Tomato Girl Summer

While everybody's most likely heard of TikTok's red nail theory, we think blood orange nails will be a much more captivating option for your next nail color. "Blood orange nails are a fun summer take on that bright, reddish-orange hue," celebrity nail artist Sonya Meesh told Byrdie. "It's literally the color of the fruit, a mix of orange and warm red. It's the opposite of the quiet luxury, naked nail look that's been trending. It's bright, bold, and juicy." These nails are perfect for a tomato girl summer. According to The Guardian, this TikTok micro trend embraces the beautiful colors of fruits and vegetables, creating the perfect statement as they embody the spirit of Mediterranean summer culture.

This color is absolutely stunning and is perfect for someone who wants a vibrant pop of color on their nail and has run through the other options at the salon. The shade is best described as the perfect hybrid between red and neon orange. Universally flattering, anyone can look good with the striking summery hue. The best part about it is you can incorporate a myriad of designs or just plain solid-color polish, and the blood orange tone will still be the star of the show.

Incorporate it into your design

A fun color needs a fun nail design to go with it. Blood orange is the perfect accent nail that will inspire your next mix-and-match with different designs. When creating the design, channel your inner tomato girl and use exuberant colors like warm yellows to create a beautiful and cohesive look.

Add a few gold flecks

If you want to enhance the color even more, have your nail technician add golden flecks to your next manicure. Gold creates a beautiful effect when it's against the warm tones of blood-orange nail polish. It also allows this color to capture even more attention when it's shown in the light, and truly embody the feel of the Mediterranean sun.

Create a beautiful ombré effect

For those who want to add a moody look to their nails, consider creating a subtle ombré effect between blood orange and a lighter orange. Combining these two colors together creates a unique look that reflects the varied color palette of the tomato girl aesthetic.

Add a bit of shine

While accent nails are great, glitter makes it even better. These nails channel the 2010s in the best way, and we at Glam are here for it. All you have to do is pick a shimmering nail polish and pair it with your blood orange polish to create a gorgeous and nostalgic effect.

Keep it simple

While there are many different ways to create a funky blood orange manicure, there is something so stunning about having a simple polished look. Allowing the blood orange nail polish to shine on your hands is gorgeous and looks great and put together, no matter where you are. To add a softer appeal to your summer look, pair it with a neutral dress to match the Mediterranean-inspired tomato girl aesthetic.