The Best Colors To Wear With Blond Hair In Any Season

Blond hair has so many different variations that it can be difficult to figure out what clothing colors look best with it. From butter blond to crème brûlée blond, the trends and dye options are ever-changing, and therefore your wardrobe is likely to change, too. Some hues might make you look washed out; whereas others could pull out undertones you have no interest in highlighting. Or you might be curious about how to transition colors between seasons that'll match your hair. It's a fine line to balance, but fortunately, there are no strict rules. 

If you find that a particular color looks fabulous with the tone of your blond hair, embrace it! If you're still trying to determine exactly what that shade is (or palette of colors), you've come to the right place. There are some handy guidelines and expert-backed opinions that implement color theory. These tips will ensure that every time you get dressed, you'll know what hues will bring out your best hair day every time — even if the hair dryer or curling iron lets you down. 

Magenta purple

You might think purple is a no-go if you like to avoid yellow-blond hues in your hair, as purple tends to make those yellow tones pop. Since purple is opposite of yellow on the color wheel, it's a complimentary color. It's understandable that you may want to avoid it, but don't do that just yet. A pinky magenta can be a gorgeous hue to wear as it's brighter than a royal purple and slightly warm; therefore, it starts becoming a closer complement to green (according to that good ol' color wheel) and won't leave you feeling self-conscious.

Cobalt and denim blue

Blue is a fabulous color to complement blond hair, and there are so many shades, hues, and textures to experiment with. Deeper blues always look fantastic, and denim is a perfect way of incorporating the color. The texture and white specks often present in denim material only exemplifies the hair color. Cobalt and brighter shades also work as a treat, according to Hera Beauty, a salon based in Singapore. It's a lovely choice for all blond-haired folks, but the company notes that people with strawberry blond hair tend to rock this shade exceptionally well.


Who doesn't love wearing black clothing? The perfect contrast against the often-icy and cool tones of blond hair, black is a color that every blond-haired person should have in their wardrobe. To be completely honest, there isn't a hair color that doesn't look fantastic in a deep midnight-colored outfit, and because many blond tones are close to the opposite of black, it instantly gives them the spotlight. If you find the contrast to be a little too intense, try layering black beneath another shade, like beige. Or go all out and opt for a monochrome black outfit!


White puts in a lot of effort when worn with blond hair. For platinum and frosty blonds, it's a comfortable match that highlights the iciest of hues. It's also a gorgeous choice for an outfit if you have ombré hair or more beige tones laced throughout your blond because it serves as the brightest contrast for those darker low lights or tones. You can also be picky about the types of white items you choose to wear. If stark white feels OTT, neutralize your outfit with cream-colored pieces.


When it comes to making blond hair look its best, bright tones and primary hues are normally recommended — but that doesn't sit right with many fashion-forward people out there. Minimalists and those obsessed with the quiet luxury trend will be thrilled to hear that beige is another perfect pick that strays far from blinding hues. A wide range of blond colors will look lovely with it since it matches much of the undertones and highlights in blond hair, creating a clean monochrome look across the board. It's great for a toned-down look if you have sandy or ashy blond hair, but it gives a cool platform for icy blonds to pop off of, too. 


Pink is a pretty lick of color that is a gentler contrast than a bold purple, as it's another option that isn't yellow's exact complementary color. Barbie is our number one hype girl when it comes to showing just how good blond hair looks with pink. It brightens nearly every skin tone and shade of blond, especially when it's a neon hue or a brighter, bolder coral. Still, bubblegum isn't your only option. Although not all pastels are best suited for this hair color, Barbiecore baby pink is an exception.

Pale yellow

Like beige and white, pale yellow looks superb on people with blond hair as it closely resembles the hair tone. Because it matches, it's not going to zero in on any brassy strands that the purple shampoo may have missed on cooler blond-haired folks, and it'll only highlight and brighten warmer blond tones. This is one instance where a pastel hue can look really lovely. A pale yellow is a great option for blond-haired fashion lovers, as is a more saturated sunshine yellow.

Raspberry red

A bright primary red is constantly deemed as a perfect color for people with blond hair. We're taking a slightly different take on this approach. Not everyone loves this bold of a hue, and not all blond tones are the same. This slightly faded version of red doesn't create the same extreme contrast as its sister hue, so it might feel more subdued for people who aren't fans of the former. Not only that, but a diverse range of blond hair colors will look complimentary against it. From platinum to honey blond, raspberry red is a shade worth trying.


Whether it's a bright, neon tangerine or a muted rust color, this tone brightens (or grounds) up any outfit and looks fabulous with a wide range of blond hair tones. Orange is right next to yellow on the color wheel, so there is no risk of it drawing attention to brassy hues if that's not the look you're after. During the summer, aim for brighter hues, which look wonderfully contrasted with other blond-complementary picks like blue, pink, and white. When fall rolls around, swap them out for darker, earthier shades. 

Chocolate brown

Chocolate brown is a safe color for people with blond hair that won't mess with the look or tone of their hair. The dark neutral isn't too shocking of a contrast (like black can sometimes be), but it allows blond hair to shine and "jump off" the outfit, if you will. If you're working it in as outerwear, layer it over another blond-complementary color like blue or white. If you're opting for a monochromatic brown outfit, choose a shade and "temperature" of brown depending on your skin tone. That said, it's a tough color to go wrong with, no matter what your look or personal tastes are. 

Neon green

Bright neon hues — especially in the green and yellow families — boldly highlight blond hair. If you're rocking these platinum and yellow tones in your hair already, you certainly can wear clothing to match. Neon colors will brighten your look and do much more for this hair color than most pastels typically can. As celebrity color expert Jill Kirsh told SheKnows, cooler and paler tones can "make highlights look yellow and brassy," especially if you have warmer-colored hair. Even if your tone is white and icy, try neon accessories or blend them with pastels for the best finish.

Navy blue

As previously mentioned, pretty much any shade of blue looks fab with blond hair, but navy is a great darker neutral to work with — especially during colder seasons. It's a good swap for black or beige if you want something that's colorful but also adaptable for all your outfits. How to Wear Fashion states that navy pulls out the warmer tones in your hair without making it feel too yellow. Navy also pairs well with other colors that work well for people with blond hair, like white and beige. 

Charcoal gray

Similar to how silver jewelry can often look good with blond hair, gray and silver outfits are also complementary. Charcoal and other shades of gray are not as stark as black but still provide an excellent foundation to make blond hair pop. It looks great with warmer blond tones, but equally platinum and silver-gray tresses will really light up against this shade. This deeper neutral is ideal for autumn and winter months when you need a reliable color palette that fits in with the time of year.