Our Astrologer Decodes What Mercury's Second Retrograde Of 2023 Means For Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you're ready or not, 2023 is preparing to enter its second Mercury retrograde, and it's time to make a plan. If you're unaware, Mercury retrograde is when the planet Mercury seems to spin backward. Planets can't actually rotate backward in their trajectory — this is simply an optical illusion from our point of view on Earth. It might seem like a scientific coincidence that does not affect our lives, but that's not what ancient cultures and societies believed. From their perspective, this time meant chaos and destruction, meaning it's best to prepare for this hectic time.

The second Mercury retrograde is ready to hit between August 23 – September 15. Since Mercury is the planet of communication, travel, social exchanges, and cognitive function, it rules over our day-to-day. During this time, it should come as no surprise that things start to go off the rails, and nothing seems to go right. For a closer look at what the second Mercury retrograde means for you, Glam spoke exclusively to celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas – who is also available via Instagram and Patreon – for a lowdown on what this retrograde means for your specific zodiac sign. By using Thomas' insight, no matter which sign you are, you can better prepare to tackle the Mercury retrograde.

Earth signs

Those born under an Earth sign — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn – are known to be loyal and grounded in most aspects of their lives. Since they're known for stability, Earth signs might see their world become unstable during the Mercury retrograde. Whether in communication, travel, or daily life, the Earth signs must find ways to reestablish their balance with these inevitable chaotic factors. "Ex-drama is guaranteed! You'll be seeing all sorts of confusion around dating, your passions, and creativity, or even children. If casually meeting new people, you may find yourself suddenly ghosted or that your lover is having second thoughts," Thomas explains exclusively to Glam. For Taurus, ex-lovers or relationships may emerge from the woodwork, with communication being a big affected point during the retrograde. 

Thomas recommends Virgos taking things easy. "It might be best to take a mini vacation! This is because Mercury will be causing all sorts of drama in your zodiac sign which will cause challenges and hurdles to pop up in regards to every project, plan, or desire you set your mind upon." Don't be quick to beat yourself up with all the drama surrounding you because it will be a lot but temporary. Likewise, Capricorns should also prepare for a shakedown in different aspects of their world. "You won't be seeing eye-to-eye with others. You'll be having frustrations around academics, media endeavors, or legalities. Something difficult is afoot."

Water signs

The water signs — including Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — are natural nurturers and emotionally deep individuals. Their sensitivity and intuition are so strong that the Mercury retrograde will undoubtedly bring about chaos for this group. Cancer signs will find that the retrograde not only produces drama around them but can also bring some bouts of self-doubt. "Your mind will be in a tizzy!" Kyle Thomas exclusively explains to Glam. "The Mercury retrograde will make you confused around your ideas, opinions, and plans. This is especially true if you've been working on an important writing, speaking, advertising, or branding initiative. Instead, this could be causing hurdles around travel or contracts, instead."

On the other hand, Scorpios will have plenty to discuss and examine in their relationship with others during this period. "Mercury retrograde will bring his mischief to your friendships, social life, and network. On one hand, miscommunication could happen with people that you know — or you could be caught up in a bit of a drama. Old friends and flames may return to you during this time. If you'd like to reunite with anyone, do so now." Similarly, Pisces will see lots of uncertainty arise in their life. "Buckle up! The upcoming Mercury retrograde phase will bring confusion and miscommunication to your partnerships and relationships," reiterates Thomas. "This may bring friction or cause you to wonder why you're not on the same page."

Fire signs

If one group of signs is ready to battle anything, even Mercury Retrograde, it's the fire signs. These signs — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — are known for their explosive personalities, but even the retrograde will find them in a bit of a rut. Aries signs will find that their surroundings suddenly turn upside down, making their daily activities more difficult. Kyle Thomas exclusively tells Glam that Aries signs will see their workplace become a real pain point and source of confusion. From coworkers quitting to challenging presentations, Aries should be ready for anything.

On the other hand, Leos will need to find the space to relax if they want to deal with Mercury retrograde properly. "Allow yourself to zen!" recommends Thomas. "Prepare to experience plenty of delays, frustrations, and drama around your income and finances. This will bring quite the anxiety. Be sure to triple-check all of your expenses and transactions." 

For Sagittarius, retrograde will bring a similar state of confusion and chaos in the workplace. "Mercury retrograde will bring thunderstorms to your career and professional projects," explains Thomas. "Delays, conflicts with a boss, or even challenging news around your ambitions, success, or public recognition could all manifest. Don't launch new projects — they will fail." Proceed with caution regarding the workplace because Mercury retrograde will stir things up for all fire signs.

Air signs

For the intellectual air signs, the Mercury retrograde can cause havoc to these signs known for their communication. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius signs are subtle in their power but are crucial for balancing the other zodiac signs. In retrograde, Gemini will benefit from sheltering in place and taking time for their personal lives. "Unplug for a bit!" Kyle Thomas recommends exclusively to Glam. "Mercury retrograde will bring confusion to your home, family, real estate, and domestic matters. If you've been in the process of a move or renovation, it's going to experience delays and frustrations." Taking time out will help the stressed-out Gemini tackle domestic challenges during the retrograde.

"Focus on your mental health," Thomas suggests to the Libra signs. "This Mercury retrograde phase, you could feel like your anxiety, frustration, and insecurity is all over [the] place! You may be obsessing about closure or baggage. Secrets, hidden enemies, and unresolved situations may haunt you." Undoubtedly, the stress and drama of the retrograde can wreak havoc on anyone's mental health, making it imperative to take time for your own sake.

On the other hand, Aquarius will need to look closer at their relationships. Like other signs, Aquarius' relationships will find challenges during the retrograde. "The Mercury retrograde phase stirs the pot on all levels within partnership," explains Thomas. "You'll be feeling a significant connection is not balanced. You could be having trust or sharing issues. This could instead bring frustration to assets or investments."