Here's How To DIY Your Own Rose Water To Reap The Skincare Benefits

There's nothing quite like a spritz of fresh rose water to uplift and refresh the body, mind, and soul. The romantic scent and dreamy lightness of rose petal essence has long been used in beauty and skincare regimens for its versatility and therapeutic benefits. While you can easily find premade rose water at your local health food store or beauty retailer, making your own to reap the skincare benefits is always a little more satisfying.


And the process is super simple too. Whether you plan to use your rose water as a facial mist or toner, for aromatherapy, or to add to a relaxing bath, the floral scent can provide a mood boost all year long. Plus, it's always fun to tackle a little DIY beauty project -– especially one that smells so divine. Here's what you'll need to keep in mind when making your very own rose water at home.

Gather your supplies and prepare your rose water

Everything you'll need for this process is in the name: roses and water. Not just any roses though –- you'll want to be sure to use fresh, organic roses if you can find them. And distilled water is a must. The smaller roses tend to have a stronger fragrance, so you'll want to choose those if possible. You'll need around two cups of petals for the process. Be sure to rinse your roses well, particularly if they're organic because there may be traces of dirt left on them that will end up in your rose water if you don't.


To simmer the rose petals, add your distilled water to a pot -– but just enough to cover your petals. Too much water is a no-go as your rose water won't be as potent. Next, you'll place your pot on the stove on low heat, cover, and let the rose petals and distilled water simmer for about half an hour. You'll know the process is complete when the petals have lost their color. Let the water cool and transfer into a glass bottle. Store in the refrigerator, and your DIY rose water should stay fresh for up to six months.

Use it in your skincare routine

Rose water is very versatile. It can work in your skincare routine as a gentle toner, as its hydrating qualities help keep your skin moisturized. To use, spray onto a cotton pad and gently pat your face. You can also spray the mist directly on your skin, which is a cool refresher in warmer months. After showering, spritz your rose water as you please, and follow up with some moisturizing body lotion. It's also a good option for people with acne-prone or sensitive skin, as it has anti-inflammatory properties.


This delicate, feminine scent can even double as your perfume, as it's natural, light, and floral in all the best ways. If you've made more rose water than you can use within the six-month refrigerated shelf life, then you can always opt to use some as a room spray, or even an ironing spray. Simply dampen your clothes with the rose water before you iron them. There's truly not much this classic, ethereal flower can't enhance. Once you've nailed this DIY project, try moving onto face masks for your next self-care day