Fuzzy Bags Aren't Going Away Any Time Soon - How To Pull Off The Textured Trend

One thing we can all agree on is that there is comfort in familiar things, which also holds true for our style. It's why you still wear that T-shirt even when you now have more options. It's why you love styling everything you wear around some boots you bought last winter. And it's also why we're back to wearing fuzzy outfits from the 2000s, particularly fuzzy bags.

With summer quickly transitioning into fall, it's finally time to call our skimpy outfits quits and indulge in the cozier side of fashion. Fuzzy bags, also known as furry bags or shearling bags, have a fur-like texture that looks great and feels even better. These bags come in various sub-textures, from double-sided faux fur to fluffy bouclé yarn.

From rocking a shaggy crossbody bag to commuting with a fluffy hobo bag, there are several unique ways to wear and style the '90s staple this fall. And to help your fall shopping, we've put together some much-needed inspo for your next shearling buy, starting with a good old fuzzy hat.

So much fuzz for a hat

Matching sets will always be a great choice. Think tweed suits, leather biker jackets and pants, and now a fluffy bag with a similar hat. You can wear your hat and bag in matching colors. But you can also try different colors, like a black furry hat with a white shearling purse. Extra points if you add a matching fuzzy coat. Whether it's a beanie or bucket hat — it all depends on your style and what you feel like wearing at that moment.

A mix of fuzzy colors

If you like to dress more casually, make your fuzzy bag the pop of color in your outfit. Or better yet, make it one of the other unique, colorful pieces you have on. Are you wearing some resin rings and bangles in different colors? Or a jacket with swirls and rainbows on it? Complete the maximalist vibe with a brightly-colored or patterned fuzzy bag. Just have fun with it.

Shearling Barbie

It's official: we have a severe case of cant-stop-thinking-about-Barbiecore. From the bright shades of pink to the pastels and outfits, we won't be outgrowing the aesthetic anytime soon. And we certainly will not miss getting a pink fuzzy bag or two. And if you need help getting one, bags like the Jacquemus Le Bambidou Shearling Shoulder Bag in pink or Miu Miu's Wander Shearling Shoulder Bag embody Barbiecore and are excellent options.

Go official with it

While we love the playful energy fuzzy bags bring to outfits, that does not mean they're inappropriate for more serious outfits. You can style your fuzzy bag with a suit, a dress for date night, or even a business-casual outfit for a meeting. For this purpose, you could shop the Bottega Veneta's Mini Jodie Shearling Bag or the Signature Shearling Tote from Coach.

Heavy on the nostalgia

Remember what we said about familiar things? Fur reminds us of many things, but the most prominent memories were Lil' Kim's iconic fur coats from the '90s and Missy Elliot's pink fur jacket from the 00s. So take inspiration from the greats and style your fuzzy bags Y2K style. A mini skirt and sunglasses, with some layered braids and colored extensions, and you have a complete fuzzy bag-worthy outfit.

Mix and match

Apart from having such a cozy texture, fuzzy bags also go great with leather and tweed. So if you were looking for a fashion-forward way to keep your body warm while holding a purse, it's time to style your fuzzy bag with some leather. Wear some leather boots or a jacket and pair it with a shearling shoulder bag or a tote — whichever you're comfortable with.

Hobo bags, but with fluff

Bouclé purses and fluffy mini Jodies are great, but you still need to commute with all your essentials and devices. Cue fuzzy hobo bags, the best way to stay on the go while tapping into fall's latest trend. Style should be both fun and comfortable. And luckily, fuzzy hobo bags give us the best of both worlds.