Hot Chocolate Nails Are The Most Decadent Manicure Trend For Fall 2023

There is something so calming about the idea of having hot chocolate on a cold night, so why not add that comfort to your nails? Hot chocolate nails create a gorgeous and velvety look that can complement anyone. For those who have never seen these nails before, like the drink, the color is a rich chocolate brown that can bring the warm tones out of the skin. This is perfect for anyone who usually goes for a dark color when it comes to their nails and wants something new, especially for this upcoming fall season. Luckily, the decadent neutral can also be worn all year long. 

There are so many ways to wear this manicure to suit your style. People on Instagram have taken hot chocolate nails and added a unique spin that looks just as unique as it is pretty. To make things easier, we at Glam have curated some of the best chocolate nails to inspire your next manicure. 

Chocolate gradient

Why have one version of hot chocolate nails when you can have five? Chocolate gradient color schemes are amazing because the tones complement each other, creating a sophisticated look. To get the manicure, pick five browns that range from light to dark to create the perfect variation for your nails. 

Chocolate glitter

If you're looking to add some shine to your nails, consider creating a glitter design. After all, glitter adds glamour and fun to any look, and chocolate milk nails are no exception. To generate the look, find dark brown glitter and place it on the design of your choice, like shown above, before adding your top coat. 

Add a gem or two

Gems are always a great option for your nails. Whether you have one nail gem or a million, it creates a statement that cannot be ignored. However, when it comes to gems, it's best to give your nail technician a reference photo so they know exactly what to do to suit your taste. 

Keep it short

The hot chocolate color is perfect for creating elevated neutral nails. By itself, it's the star of the show and looks great on a short manicure. This is because when you have short nails, it brings all of the focus to the color, creating a sophisticated nail look.

Glossy French tips

If you're looking for an outside-the-box French manicure idea, try a glossy French tip. The look is so different than what most people are doing and only requires one color. All you do is apply a matte top coat over your hot chocolate nail. Then, after it dries, create a French tip using a glossy top coat.