Elevated Neutral Nails Are Continuing Their Reign For Fall 2023

Your fall style is likely made up of cozy sweaters, comfy pants, and cups of coffee that you hold so often they might as well be accessories to your outfit. No other season has you completely surrounded by comfort food and drinks, cozy outfits, and — most importantly — neutral colors. Sometimes, you just need to go with the flow. Let the season take you down that road full of browns, beiges, soft pinks, and lots of comfort. Don't get us wrong, that road is one of the best, and we're happy to help you find ways to make it your own.


With the right nails, your fall style can be maximized to its best version. Elevated neutral nails go perfectly with the laid-back fall vibes, and they're expected to reign like no other this coming season. We understand if you can't wait to rock these nail trends against the backdrop of a yummy, cozy fall drink.

Short and sweet

Short nails are often dismissed as boring and low-effort, especially when they're painted a neutral hue, but this is far from true. Sometimes (particularly during the fall), keeping your nails short and sweet is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Fall is all about comfort, after all, and what's more comfy than nails that go with everything? No need to go out of your way with flashy extensions. 


Get cozy with a neutral, brownish pink for the perfect fall nail to accessorize your comfy sweaters and chic fits. Short nails peeking out of sweater paws? So cute.

Lip gloss nails

The glossy sheen of lip gloss is truly unmatched. Wouldn't it be wonderful to incorporate that into other parts of your (just as shine-worthy) style? Glossy lids, wet makeup, sheeny hair, or ultra-glossy nails? Our vote, to be clear, is for that last one.


If you want to try out this look for yourself this fall, all you need is a neutral base color and some extra glossy coating. Ask your nail tech for her glossiest top coat or simply pack on your usual glossy top coat with multiple swipes.

Odd one out

If you ever feel torn between going for a basic but elegant neutral nail or spicing things up with an eye-catching design, we know the struggle. Lucky for you, we've got just the thing and it's as easy as combining both styles.


Next time you're deciding between these two types of design, just do both! Choose a neutral base to apply on all of your nails and then pick one nail to spice up with an intricate design. Your ring finger, for instance, can appear more intriguing with a silver doodle design. It's almost like semi-permanent jewelry.

Pretty in pink

Here's the thing, pink is never the wrong choice. You can wear a light shade of pink on your nails for the rest of your days and you'll be set for a life, always being on top of the nail trends. The fun thing about the color pink is that it looks good on any nail length and shape, making it the perfect choice for all personal styles.


You can wear a plain hue — a neutral shade of pink is always good on its own — or spice your nails up with an odd-nail-out design. There's no failing here.

No-manicure manicure

Sometimes, all your nails need is a sheer coat of neutral-colored nail polish to be their best selves, plain and simple. The "no-manicure" manicure look is the perfect subtle nail trend for the fall season, especially for the low-effort, clean-girl aesthetic girls. Plus, it's the ideal companion to your daily no-makeup makeup. 


All you need is a neutral, sheer nail polish — preferably beige or tan — to let your own, natural nail show through. If you work with acrylics or extensions of any kind, you can recreate this look by doing a neutral-fading-into-white (from root to tip) ómbre look.

Sheer glitter nails

No, neutral nails don't need to be plain. Actually, glitter can be the best way to sprinkle some fun back into your style without needing to go out of your way to accessorize. Nails are already the perfect accessory, and they're on you at all times.


A sheer coat of glitter or chrome can be applied over any shade of polish but always looks best over a neutral base. You can even combine two trends into one and play around with a no-manicure manicure, enhanced with a coat of sheer glitter. The possibilities are endless.

Gold details

Gold makes everything better. Don't believe us? You can try it for yourself on your nails at no crazy cost. This gold detail trend is, well, golden. Best of all, we all know gold goes best with warm, fall-specific neutrals, so why not add it to your newly neutral nails? Trust us, you won't go back to plain nails.


On your next visit to your nail tech, ask for your favorite neutral shade of polish with some added gold designs of your choosing. Half moons, stars, flowers, polka dots — anything goes. With these nails, everything you touch will surely turn to gold.

French tip details

We saved the best for last because if you're going for neutral nails, French tips should always be on the cards, and it's not just white tips that work well for this look. In fact, any neutral shade will do, and it's even better when done altogether.


You can paint each nail tip a different white or tan shade for a fun yet neutral look. If you want to customize them further, don't hesitate to sprinkle in some small designs. We suggest little stars in slightly darker nail polish than your French tips.