Suede Jackets Are The Latest '90s-Inspired Trend For Fall 2023

Fall is here and pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu. Target's dollar spot is filled with Halloween goodies, but most importantly, the latest fall fashion trends are hitting our Instagram feeds. We look forward to fall fashion every year, and while some staples come back every autumn, others only trend once in a while. In 2023, the suede jacket is making a return from the '90s, a trend our moms rocked back in the day.

Suede jackets are just one of the latest '90s trends to find their way into vogue. With the rise of TikTok, early aughts fashion has also experienced a resurgence, so it's only fair that a '90s fall classic would eventually hit the scene. A suede coat is the perfect way to complete a fall look, providing unique texture, necessary warmth, and a vintage feel. Get ready to rock the trendy suede coat like it's 1999.

Suede accented with fur

The suede coat accented with fur may have been beloved in the '90s, but it was also popular in the '60s and '70s. Every few decades, the style comes back around to give our looks a bohemian touch. Many people call this design the "Penny Lane" coat, as the character Penny Lane wears a suede coat accented with fur in the classic 2000 movie "Almost Famous."

A longline suede

No fall wardrobe is complete without a longline coat. Whether it's a trench-style suede coat that belts at the waist or a boxy fit, it is sure to add a luxurious feel to your outfit. We personally love this style over a classic denim and sweater combination to take the look from casual to fashion-forward.

The suede moto

Moto jackets are a trendy coat option for the fall season, with plenty of hardware to go around. While many moto jackets are made of leather to create the edgiest look possible, a suede moto creates a less intense look. Instagram influencer @goodtomicha gives us the perfect example of how to make this piece work by styling a suede moto over a sweater and jeans, accessorized with heeled lace-up booties.

Fringe suede

Fringe and suede go together like peanut butter and jelly. Both are great on their own, but when combined, they complement each other well. A suede jacket with fringe details is a great way to incorporate multiple trends into your wardrobe at once. Western looks involving fringe, cowgirl boots, and cowgirl hats are a must-try this fall. What better way to try it out than with a fringe suede jacket?

The shacket

If you want a more casual way to incorporate a suede jacket into your outfit, consider the trendy shacket. "It's usually a little oversized and looks like a shirt, but made from a heavier material," Hang Nguyen, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, told CNN when asked what a "shacket" is. Suede shackets are popular during the early fall days when a heavy coat is not yet needed.

Colorful suede

When we think of suede material, we often imagine shades of brown and beige. Fortunately, suede doesn't have to be neutral. There are plenty of colorful suede options to try. You might be surprised at how many outfits still look great with a unique and colorful jacket.