Martini Makeup Is The Dramatic, Luxurious Beauty Trend Taking Over 2023

Regardless of the plot, every drama, romance, and mystery movie seems to have one scene in common: a beautiful woman, typically with a long physique and flowing hair, walking into a bar and turning heads with her dramatic entrance. This woman usually flaunts a stunning dress, showing just the right amount of cleavage and leg to captivate everyone who can see her as she sits down to order a martini. Once she asks the bartender for the drink, viewers get a close-up of her face, showing dramatic, expensive-looking makeup. The "martini makeup" trend aims to replicate this frequently-seen movie character trope's makeup in real life.

"I had no idea the martini makeup look was a trend when I created it," said Claudia Neacsu, a makeup artist who posted a popular TikTok video showcasing her luxurious, shimmery martini makeup look. "For me, martini makeup stands for that feminine, luxurious feel and energy that you have when enjoying a dirty martini cocktail at the bar with your friends," she told Who What Wear. Thus, the martini makeup trend is perfect for anyone who is starting to tire of the no-makeup look and is ready to embrace bold and hyper-glamorous movie-worthy styles again.

Add olive touches to your makeup

Those easily recognizable green olives make many martinis stand out from other drinks. To channel that luxurious martini-sipping energy into your look, consider integrating expensive-looking olive green into your makeup. You can do so by flaunting olive green eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, or even all three for an ultra-olive-inspired option.

Enjoy some dark brown lipstick or gloss

We can't think of anything sultrier and more sophisticated-looking than dark brown lipstick. There's something about it that instantly appears bold yet elegant, just like those hyper-seductive movie characters. If matte dark brown lipstick seems too harsh for your style, try experimenting with brown lip gloss for a softer spin on the rich glam look.

Don't skimp on the eye makeup

With the glamorous vibe of martini makeup, you have an opportunity to make your eye makeup look as striking and sexy as possible. Bring back your eyeliner wings, dark waterline eyeliner looks, and long false lashes in 2023 because these dramatic details fit right in with the martini makeup trend.

Go for a soft shimmer

A touch of delicate shimmer can enhance the luxurious look of your makeup and make it even more glamorous. While super shiny looks may be perfect for other trends — after all, party girl fashion is all the rage in the 2020s — full-on glittery looks can cheapen the sophisticated martini makeup trend. The aim is to look like you belong in a classy bar or upscale lounge, not a rave or music festival, so save your chunkier glitter for those louder looks and stick with a more delicate shine for the martini-inspired aesthetic.

Make your skin look as polished as possible

Typically, we say you shouldn't worry about trying to make your skin look perfect. However, since the martini makeup trend is all about achieving movie star glam, it's worth aiming for the illusion of flawless skin. If you're going for the martini look, use your favorite foundation, BB cream, concealer, powder, or any other face makeup products that make your skin look photo-ready and silky.