OpulenceMD Beauty: What Happened To The Brand After Shark Tank?

If you've ever sustained eyelash or lash line damage from the harsh active ingredients, including carcinogenic formaldehyde, in many of the adhesives used to apply falsies or lash extensions, you're not alone (via Moreland Eyecare). The risks these ingredients pose to eyes and eyelashes were so troublesome to ophthalmologist Dr. Anika Goodwin-Hilderbrand that she used her expertise to create a brand of lightweight lashes that adhere without the need for lash glue.


In Season 12, Episode 20 of "Shark Tank," Dr. Goodwin-Hilderbrand presented her eye-safe false lashes to ABC's Sharks, hoping to land an investor to help with the resources needed to maintain product manufacturing and order fulfillment. Despite the competitive nature of the beauty industry and the sheer saturation of the false eyelash market, at least one Shark took the bait. But was the investment made in vain, or did OpulenceMD Beauty go on to change the name of the falsies game? 

OpulenceMD Beauty's Shark Tank Pitch

Dr. Anika Goodwin-Hilderbrand walked into the titular tank wearing a bejeweled and branded OpulenceMD Beauty shirt under a shimmering blazer and declared eyelashes "the new boobs" (because "everyone wants a bigger and better pair"). Naturally, she had the Sharks eating out of her hand with such a striking entrance. She went on to introduce herself as the "head diva in charge" and explain that she'd made over $600,000 selling magnetic mink false lashes in less than a year — and during the COVID-19 pandemic no less, which was impressive given that folks were stuck at home and presumably not wearing falsies. The entire Shark panel was in awe. By the time she mentioned her plan to donate a portion of her proceeds to fund free eyecare screenings? Forget about it. The powerhouse CEO asked the Sharks for $75,000 in return for 5% equity in her company.


Mark Cuban was the first Shark to drop out of the running, though he first took time to try on a pair of OpulenceMD Beauty lashes for himself. The long-time investor cited a lack of expertise in the beauty industry, which is understandable enough. Then, Kevin O'Leary stepped in with Dr. Goodwin-Hilderbrand's first official offer: $75,000 for 20% equity. Before the founder could respond, guest Shark Kendra Scott offered to match O'Leary's offer. After a brief period of negotiation, during which Dr. Goodwin-Hilderbrand counter-offered $75,000 for 12% and O'Leary ultimately dropped out, she and Scott settled on a deal of $100,000 for 20% equity.

OpulenceMD Beauty after Shark Tank

After appearing on Shark Tank, OpulenceMD Beauty saw the typical bump in sales that an appearance on a major television network tends to produce. However, there are no obvious signs that Dr. Anika Goodwin-Hilderbrand's deal with guest Shark Kendra Scott ever actually closed. This is puzzling because the doctor told ABC11 shortly after her episode aired that she was "over the moon" about landing a deal and that she had been aiming for Scott's support all along.


The brand's website mentions nothing about "Shark Tank" or Kendra Scott on its About page, nor does the brand's Instagram bio. The only nod to Scott that can currently be found is a pair of lashes called The Kendra Lash, which is available on the OpulenceMD site. According to Dr. Anika Goodwin-Hilderbrand's "Shark Tank" pitch, each pair of false lashes originally retailed for an astounding $240. However, most pairs are currently listed for about $45 on OpulenceMD Beauty's website, and the selection of available options appears quite limited. 

Is OpulenceMD Beauty still in business?

A look at OpulenceMD Beauty's Instagram provides an explanation for the limited selection of lashes and the relatively low prices available on the company's website. On June 18, 2023, Dr. Anika Goodwin-Hilderbrand announced that OpulenceMD Beauty will be closing. Interestingly, the founder does mention her appearance on "Shark Tank" in the video and finally confirms that she did, in fact, close her deal with Kendra Scott. Regardless, once the brand's current inventory is liquidated, including all of its lashes and magnetic eyeliners, the company will be shuttered.


Then, on June 26, OpulenceMD Beauty posted a graphic advertising an 85% off sale site-wide. Several of the brand's social media posts have collected comments from animal rights activists, including the one announcing the company's plans to cease operations. Mixed in with condolences from loyal customers are remarks that label the company's founder a "killer" and tell her to "stop animal cruelty." Whether this online backlash against her use of mink fur has anything to do with the brand going out of business remains unclear, and the brand's followers are just as confused, with one Instagram user commenting on the sale graphic, "I just don't think she wants to run it anymore."

Outlook for OpulenceMD Beauty

In OpulenceMD Beauty's last video posted on Instagram, Dr. Anika Goodwin, who now appears to have dropped the Hilderbrand, cited the need to pursue other opportunities as the reason for shutting down the brand for good. According to her personal Instagram, she's now the founder and CEO of both OpulenceMD Beauty and EYEmergencyMD, "the first and only acute care ocular telemedicine company," per Goodwin's LinkedIn bio. Additionally, a live video from June 1, 2023, announced the launch of yet another new venture: a line of "bespoke eyewear" called Alexa Alysse.


The About page of Alexa Alysse's website declares that the brand's "luxury artisan-crafted" glasses are "meticulously crafted from ethically-sourced water buffalo horn." Hopefully, Dr. Goodwin doesn't find herself in the same hot water she ended up in with animal rights activists over the mink fur used to craft OpulenceMD Beauty all over again with her new glasses business venture that utilizes water buffalo horns.