Channel A Spooky Barbie This Halloween With Pink Skeleton Makeup

Halloween is a day many look forward to all year. Between the candy, the spooks, and the costumes, there is something for everyone — even for us glam lovers. One night a year, makeup lovers unite and create unique Halloween makeup looks that are a costume in themselves. From clowns to Frankenstein — we have seen it all. Yet, one of our favorites each year is the popular skeleton. While common, it is anything but basic.

Skeleton makeup is exceptionally versatile, as a skeleton's look can be interpreted in many ways. The skeleton look can be scary or fun and often includes aspects of other hot trends at the moment. With the hottest trends of this year inspired by Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" movie, it is no surprise that a feminine Barbie pink skeleton will be essential to the season. This Halloween, pink skeleton makeup is sure to be the it-girl party look.

Bejeweled Barbie skeleton

Taylor Swift said to be bejeweled, and we listened. Bejeweled makeup is here to shine, and what better way to incorporate it into your Halloween look? Try placing face gems around the eyes or lips to accentuate your features. These gems will sparkle as you blink and smile your way through Halloween night.

Full-body Barbie skeleton

Take your pink skeleton makeup a step further with body makeup. Your body makeup can even poke out through your clothing for a full-body pink skeleton appearance. Create the ultimate optical illusion as you extend the makeup down your body and draw on rib, shoulder, and arm bones to give a 3D look.

Neon skeleton

You can never go wrong with incorporating neon pops into your makeup, which is perfect for parties on Halloween night. Try to pair the look together by using the neon pink color on your eyelids and then also using it to amplify other skeleton features on your face. Create a soft graffiti effect when you blend a neon pink shade around the edges of your drawn-on skeleton mouth and eyes.

Slightly spooky

If you aren't ready to fully jump into your bones, a slightly spooky skeleton look might be better suited for you. Try adding minimal bone drawings into your pink eye makeup, leaving the rest of your face bare. The look is more subtle than a full face of skeleton makeup but still gives a similar effect. But don't forget the skeleton earrings to tie the look together! 

Half the face

Everyone has a dark side, so why not show it with one side of your face? Instead of doing a full face of Barbie pink skeleton makeup, try a more subtle look on only half of your face. Simply do traditional glam makeup as normal and then do simple skeleton bones as a contour on one side. You can also do this with a mauve pink shade for a more muted appearance.

Peeling skin

Nothing says "creepy" like the image of skin being peeled back and bones beginning to show underneath. Try this style with your pink skeleton makeup this Halloween. Create a curvy line that shows a clear definition that this is where your skeleton is beginning to show. One side of the line will show your skeleton, while the other will show your bare skin, giving the illusion that your skin was peeled off in some places.

Heart skeleton

Love can be brutal — and skeleton makeup featuring hearts is the perfect way to show it. Give the appearance that some of your skin has faded away in the shape of a heart featuring the bones underneath. For an extra gory touch to contrast with the femininity of the hearts, you can create hyperrealistic drawings of muscle tissue.