Some Of Your Favorite '70s Fashion Trends Are Having A Resurgence

When we think of the 1970s, our minds often jump to layered shag haircuts, aviator sunglasses, and "That '70s Show." In addition to '70s-inspired hairstyles, accessories, and entertainment, '70s fashion is always an exciting discussion topic. That free-spirited '70s look isn't everyone's cup of tea, but we can all agree it's anything but dull and can be super fun to style. Those '70s looks are seeing a resurgence in 2023, so get ready for some colorful and quirky outfits.

Anyone who enjoys '70s boho vibes is in luck! "Boho dresses have seen a tremendous 138[%] increase in searches since the start of the year," Steve Dool, Depop's brand and marketing director, told Marie Claire. "Searches for 'Bell bottom jeans' have increased by 71[%] and 'low rise jeans' has increased by 53[%]." Thus, '70s boho fashion is super trendy in 2023 — so, even if you're not into full-on '70s ensembles, it can't hurt to experiment with a few cute pieces inspired by that wacky decade.

Bold bell bottoms

While bell bottoms may not be as figure-hugging as skinny jeans or as edgy as distressed, baggier options, the bell bottom look is undeniably adorable. After all, such a unique silhouette will never look boring! Bell bottoms exude instant free-spirited '70s vibes no matter what you pair with them.

Fringe, fringe, and more fringe

Tassels and fringe are style essentials in 2023, as these free-spirited details scream '70s fashion. While the fringe look might appear a bit too wild for some people's taste, if you enjoy unapologetically loud and head-turning looks, you need to add some '70s fringe to your wardrobe as soon as possible.

Let loose

The '70s look is typically totally boho-inspired, including the fit. Thus, '70s-inspired fashion is one of the few aesthetics that gives us the opportunity to wear looser, more comfortable clothing — everything from dresses and skirts to tops and jeans — instead of encouraging the wear of skin-tight, figure-hugging pieces.

Go colorful

Again, the '70s color palette is typically anything but understated, so those loud hues might be a little much for some individuals. But, if you enjoy bright, bold outfits and are willing to explore more colorful looks that go beyond basic neutrals and pastels, you should have fun experimenting with '70s colors that include yellow and green.

Wacky prints and patterns

We can't talk about '70s fashion without bringing up the decade's groovy, trippy designs. From peace signs to floral patterns to swirly looks, genuine '70s-inspired ensembles are the most eye-catching and fun when they feature free-spirited, unique patterns. Whether you prefer girly or psychedelic-inspired designs, the ultimate '70s attire features groovy prints.

Don't go for fancy

Rocking '70s fashion is typically all about being carefree, not fancy. So, don't overdress — dressing too boujee can overpower the laid-back '70s energy. Instead of going for fancy looks, opt for t-shirts, jeans, rompers, and other easygoing ensembles that exude a carefree vibe. The same rules apply for footwear — trade your high heels for open-toe options, whether boots or sneakers.

Explore texture

Don't be afraid to mix and match textures when styling '70s outfits. Experiment with lace, velvet, knits, and other textures in the same outfit because bolder is better when it comes to this groovy decade. Rather than opting for a dull, one-dimensional look, create a more exciting '70s-inspired ensemble by playing around with a variety of textures you'll want to touch all day long.