Art Deco Engagement Rings Are Combining All Of 2024's Hottest Trends

An engagement ring is a deeply personal style choice you'll carry with you all throughout your days, so finding an aesthetic that's both timeless and unique is a fun challenge for those ready to tie the knot. For 2024, The Aisle predicts "colored gemstones," individuality, and a "unique allure" when it comes to engagement ring trends — all of which the Art Deco style encompasses — so we can expect to see an uptick in this bold, eye-catching style. Art Deco is defined by the aesthetic of the 1920s and 1930s, which translates to distinct lines, geometric shapes, colorful gems, and beautiful detailing. In addition to individuality and the eco-friendly trends we'll be seeing in 2024, Valspar's pick for color of the year is a light, soothing blue — similar to fog and sleet — known as "Renew Blue," a color of stone which could easily be seen in engagement rings.

While modern Art Deco pieces can certainly be found at many jewelers, hunting down a genuine antique piece can be quite the thrill, and, depending on your engagement ring budget, may be the way to go. This hot trend takes engagement rings to the next level with sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and, of course, some more traditional diamond pieces. If getting hitched is on the horizon for you and your love bird, consider a bold, unique Art Deco piece to symbolize your unending romance.

Royal hues

The modern Art Deco diamond and royal sapphire piece pictured has garnered all the heart eyes from us. A major statement piece, this bold setting is sure to glimmer and shine from all angles. The lovely shapes, defined lines, and vibrant color makes this one check every box. It's ideal for the bride who isn't afraid to veer from the worn path.

Timeless elegance

A more classic iteration of the Art Deco engagement ring, a detailed diamond cut and setting along with an engraved wedding band is for the hopeless romantic. There's something whimsical and sweet about the above fairytale engagement ring, one which we can easily see being passed down through generations. It's elegant, timeless, and fit for a queen.

Feminine and flirty

Flirty and fun, this oval diamond and ruby Art Deco ring is full of femininity and youthfulness. Ideal for the free spirit who craves an engagement ring brimming with personality, this ruby piece truly has our hearts. Just think of the manicures that would complement this unique piece and the compliments that would no doubt come rolling in.

A royal dream

A true showstopper in every sense of the word, the beautiful silhouette and champagne center diamond of the ring pictured take the cake for unique Art Deco engagement rings that'll have everyone swooning. Royally elegant down to every last detail, this one wows with an unmatched dreamy energy. It's perfect for the vintage lover in your life.

Subtle and sweet

An understated and more subtle take on Art Deco style, the dainty square-shaped diamond — which tends to be a more affordable diamond cut — and matching silver wedding band are likely to leave any minimalist falling head-over-heels. The classic look and delicacy are versatile and will easily complement any outfit beautifully. Gentle, sweet, and timeless, the geometric shapes and fine lines capture the trend perfectly.

Gleaming and glittering

The artistry and creative design of the angular Art Deco piece pictured are sure to wow. There's nothing bland about this one. If you crave a little extra pizzazz in your daily life, an engagement ring like this is sure to keep you satisfied. It's bold, beautiful, and bright.

Seeing double

The double diamond engagement ring seen above was made for the maximalist who won't settle for anything less than grand. A unique design that checks all the boxes when it comes to the Art Deco aesthetic, this ring makes a statement in the most memorable of ways. Beautifully set and with a shine that's sure to turn heads, this one has us seeing double in the greatest way possible.

A real-life fairytale

The 2024 light blue sapphire Art Deco piece shown in the photo above perfectly encompasses the 2024 "Renew Blue" trend chosen by Valspar as its "2024 color of the year." We love to see eye-catching engagement rings that veer from the trodden path, and the delicate, dreamy sky blue color and unique shape of the stone are ideal for a fairytale-esque romance.