Strawberry Jello Nails Are The Last Hyper-Specific Summer Manicure Trend Of 2023

If you're anything like us, you always have to sip one last fruit smoothie or eat one final serving of Jello by the pool before summer officially ends. When savoring the last days of the sweet summer season, it's also fun to explore any fruit-inspired nail looks we didn't try this summer. For instance, we enjoyed experimenting with grape jelly nails earlier in the season. If you haven't had the chance to try the look yet, you should rock the manicure before fall kicks in, bringing more Halloween and pumpkin themes than fruit-influenced options. But we're most obsessed with strawberry-inspired nail looks, as strawberry nails are the trendiest fruit manicure of summer 2023.

Summer is ending with one last manicure micro trend: the strawberry Jello look. Is it hyper-specific? Yes. But is it adorable? Of course. We're not surprised that Hailey Bieber made that glossy Jello-like look the manicure to end summer 2023's nail trends with a strawberry-flavored bang. Moreover, TikToker @samanthadiaries__ posted a video flaunting that gooey-looking strawberry-inspired manicure trend, and we're ready to follow in her footsteps and get the look, too.

Opt for red nails with a Jello texture

While "strawberry Jello nails" sounds specific, we promise the trend isn't nearly as complicated or detailed as it sounds. To achieve the look, just paint your nails in red polish with a glossy topcoat to mimic the shiny slash gooey texture of Jello.

Rock a pinker spin

Anyone who's enjoyed strawberry Jello under the sun or in bright lighting knows that the color can occasionally look somewhat pink instead of a classic red. So, why not try a pinker spin on the look if you prefer pink? Pink nails with the Jello texture appear girlier and daintier than red, so if you prefer more cutesy looks, pink polish is the way to go.

Or go darker

On the other hand, a darker red look is ideal for anyone who wants their nails to appear less playful and more sophisticated and sexy. Strawberry Jello can sometimes appear to have a dark red shade in the package — especially toward the bottom. Thus, we encourage trying that darker twist just as much as we encourage exploring pinker looks — both variations of the manicure work for the trend, so go for whichever better suits your style.

Try a strawberry Jello mani-pedi

Strawberry Jello nails look too delicious to be limited to only manicures — try the look as a pedicure, too. Since no actual nail art is required to achieve the look — again, you just need the red nail polish and a glossy top coat — you can get the sweet trend on your toenails at home, too, finishing off the summer with the cutest strawberry dessert-inspired mani-pedi.

Consider a strawberry Jello French manicure

We love putting updated twists on the classic French manicure, and we can't think of a better way to do so than with a strawberry Jello-inspired French manicure. A red French tip will look sexier and livelier than the more understated classic French mani look, while a glossy clear coat on top for the Jello look will make it appear even more alluring.