Coastal Cowgirl Is Getting A Muted Makeover For Fall 2023 - Here's How

Don't put away your cowboy boots because the coastal cowgirl trend is preparing for the fall season. While summer was all about wearing your favorite coastal cowgirl 'fits, the fall season brings a new take on the trend. Although many still enjoy adding moments of shine and color to their cowgirl ensembles, it's time to take it down a notch for the colder weather. Gone are the days of metallic pink cowboy boots as we get ready for an earthier color palette. With the fall season, more pieces showcase rich and muted colors that play off the seasonal vibes.

For minimalist or neutral color palette lovers, this remix of the trend is a breath of fresh air from the bold hues we saw in the summer. More important than embellishments and color will be the fabric choices and designs. Instead of showstopping embroidery and florals, you'll want to focus more on suede and leather fabrics that give you a lived-in Western look. If you continue this wild style for another season, the coastal cowgirl trend will take over your fall wardrobe.

Dark wash denim

Nothing establishes the cowgirl vibe more than a good denim piece. Whether it's a denim jean, skirt, or jacket, this material is a must-have for anyone looking to take their coastal cowgirl wardrobe into fall. However, unlike summer's light wash pieces, the fall is all about dark denim pieces. Lionne's RTW Spring/Summer 2023 collection was filled with head-to-toe dark denim outfits that set the tone for the rest of the season, per WWD. That said, you'll want to reach for dark blue, grey, or black denim pieces that bring a more neutral vibe to your coastal cowgirl and are sleeker for the season.

Brown bottoms

Along with denim, brown bottoms are another neutral color option for your bottom pieces. Instead of bright colors or denim blues, reach for brown jeans or pants that bring the Western vibe more elegantly. Mix your brown pieces with other colors, like white and blue, to counteract your darker elements and create more balance between your coastal and cowgirl aesthetics. During the Hermès Spring/Summer 2022 collection, the brand showcased how brown pants paired in any setting is a must-have Western chic piece. 

Earthy suede bags

While coastal cowgirls can't rock their brightly-colored bags in the summer, it's the perfect time to bring out the suede handbags. Any suede handbag in an earth tone can create the ideal texture and warmth to complete this trend, which we saw amply displayed during the Chloé Fall/Winter 2023 collection. Instead of sequins or embellished bags, the suede material gives your piece a more Western and sophisticated look.

Rich corduroy pieces

No matter the season, corduroy is a must to invoke that cowgirl aesthetic into your wardrobe. To complete this look in the fall, you'll want to reach for richer tones that can showcase more texture but stay true to the fall season. Opt for rich hues like rust, orange, or deeper shades of your favorite colors for a sophisticated alternative to your summer pieces. Rich red corduroy pieces were the perfect base piece during the Lovechild 1979 Fall/Winter collection, showcasing its universality. Pair the thick material with a softer top for an authentic coastal cowgirl look.

Faded leather

There's no coastal cowgirl trend without a leather piece to tie it all together. Your leather piece can come in various objects, from handbags to a sturdy jacket. However, to fully get the fall coastal cowgirl vibe, you'll want to reach for faded or aged leather. One brand that repeatedly incorporates vintage leather is Coach. During its Spring/Summer 2023 collection, we saw how the brand uses this aged leather to add a textured feel to its looks. Instead of glossy leather pieces, take a peek at the leather pieces with more scratches and faded aspects.

Sleek cowboy boots

Back at its peak in the summer, the coastal cowgirl trend reintroduced us to the cowboy boot trend. These shoes haven't gone anywhere and will continue into the fall season. However, more muted options create a sleeker effect than summer's metallic shoes. As we saw during Chanel's Haute Couture 2023 show, these minimalist cowboy boots are a slight twist to your typical knee-high or Chelsea boots. Reach for deep, rich tones or neutral shades like black or white for a simple look that gives you all the cowgirl vibes.