The Dos And Don'ts Of Caring For Your Eyebrows After A Fresh Lamination

If you've been on BeautyTok recently, chances are you've seen a few creators trying out the eyebrow filter to completely change their look. These TikToks highlight the power of eyebrows and how important they are in framing your face, from virtual blond brows to thin '90s-inspired brows. And while we're not all born with perfectly carved eyebrows, there are a few ways to achieve that safely. Brow lamination is our favorite method yet.


Brow lamination, or a brow perm as some call it, is a chemical treatment that involves softening your brow hairs and brushing them in a specific direction to give them a defined shape. To soften your brow hairs, a lifting cream is applied to break the protein bonds in them, followed by a neutralizer, which stops the breaking process and sets your eyebrows (per Medical News Today). Overall, brow lamination is a low-maintenance way to give your face a whole new lift, but, like all good things, you need excellent aftercare to keep your brows nice and groomed.

Proper care after a fresh lamination ensures your freshly done brows and the skin around them are not irritated while increasing the longevity of your brow look. From keeping them dry to using a conditioning serum to keep them hydrated, here are a few dos and don'ts you should follow right after your lamination.


Don't: Touch or rub the area

Touching or rubbing your groomed brows immediately after the lamination process can affect how well they set. Touching with dirty hands can irritate the tender skin around the area, causing itching and redness, and can also change the shape of your brow hairs, reducing how long your brows last and how good they look. Yes, your brows look amazing, but please settle for admiring them with your eyes and not touching them with your hands, at least for the first 24 hours.


In addition, you need to avoid sun exposure after a fresh lamination. Like touching and rubbing the area, the sun can be harsh on tender skin and newly laminated brows. Similar to saunas and hot baths, the sun's heat can also disrupt how well the brow hairs lay. So, for your best brows yet, stay indoors or wear a wide-brimmed hat, an umbrella, or a face cap to protect your brows from the sun.

Do: Brush gently with a conditioning serum

Unlike microblading and other eyebrow techniques, brow lamination is on the more temporary end of the spectrum. While the hairs are permed and softened to allow reshaping, the shape or arch is not set. To keep your brow hairs lifted and defined, you'll need to gently brush them in the appropriate direction within 24 hours with a spoolie brush and a brow conditioning serum. Just like your hair needs conditioning to retain moisture and softness, your eyebrows need the same to remain moisturized and pliable.


Conditioning serums contain vital nutrients and oils like biotin and castor oil that keep your brows soft and smooth. But they're not the only brow-specific product you'll require. If you are worried about how to wash your brows 24 hours after a fresh lamination, all you need is an oil-free foaming cleanser designed specifically for eyebrows, which your brow technician will most likely provide.

Don't: Exfoliate or apply heavy makeup right after

Exfoliation, whether physical or chemical, is vital to any skincare routine. However, there are times when you need to skip the acids and grit and let your skin rest. The period after a fresh lamination is one of them. Exfoliating is great for lifting dead skin cells and revealing a bright new layer of skin. But when your skin is already irritated, and your brows are trying to set, exfoliating or applying other skincare products like anti-aging creams or tanning creams in less than 48 to 72 hours after your lamination will do more harm than good.


It is also a good idea to steer clear of heavy makeup for at least 24 hours. While your brow technician may line your brows with some concealer right after laminating them, it's best to avoid applying lots of makeup immediately. The makeup can clog your pores in that area and cause irritation to the skin beneath and around your brows.

Do: Keep your eyebrows dry

For a quick recap, brow lamination is a chemical treatment that involves breaking protein bonds to manipulate your brows into the desired shape and fluffiness. However, your newly reshaped brows need at least 24 hours to set in their new flat form. This timeframe is necessary so that they do not revert to their regular curly or fuzzy form. If your brows are not adequately set and get misshapen through contact with water, your brow lamination will last only a short time, and you'll need another session sooner than you should.


To keep your brows dry and sweat-free, avoid activities like swimming, saunas, and exercise for at least 24 hours after laminating them. You also need to refrain from washing your brow area when you take a shower or do your skincare routine. All in all, brow lamination might be low-maintenance, but it is best to follow these instructions to get your money's worth.