The 'Baguette Halo' Trend Gives Your Engagement Ring An Art Deco Twist

Plenty of options exist when picking out the engagement ring of your dreams. From classic diamonds to more intricate designs that are one-of-a-kind, there are several details in your engagement ring. Like in fashion, specific engagement ring trends tend to pop off from time to time. Nowadays, the movement is about finding a unique piece that matches your personality. With more looking for antique rings or pieces with unusual gemstones and placements, there is a focus on finding pieces that closely match your beloved's personality. Gone are the days of picking out traditional and classic pieces to stay with the norm. More are opting for gemstones like sapphires and emeralds over the classic diamond.

With this influx of nontraditional engagement rings, the baguette halo has the opportunity to shine with its intricacy and attention to detail. The baguette halo is a diamond or gemstone surrounded by a small layer of tiny diamonds and a second outer layer of tapered baguette-shaped diamonds. With two layers of diamonds surrounding it, the diamond gets all the attention with some sparkly accents. Although trends constantly change, this art-deco-inspired ring is perfect for those looking for something vintage-inspired but modern.

Sapphire baguette halo

The sapphire engagement ring is nothing new to the ring trends. Since Kate Middleton showed off with her gorgeous sapphire engagement ring, it's no surprise that many have sought the same spectacular look. With the baguette halo detail, the sapphire gem can truly shine. Flanked by baguette diamond pieces, your rock can shine and contrast against the clear diamond stone.

Tapered baguettes

One of the most exciting concepts of the baguette halo detail is the tapered baguette diamonds that surround the central gem. While some prefer the diamonds in a standard rectangular shape, the tapered look focuses more on the center rock. By giving a visual path toward the diamond, the tapered diamonds act as shiny accomplices that provide more emphasis on your gorgeous stone. The tapered baguette effect is one of the best details for those looking for all the glam but still want their gem to shine.

Art deco finish

The baguette halo trend has recently become more prevalent thanks to its Art Deco design. With many seeking a ring with a vintage and timeless design, it's no secret that the Art Deco design is perfect for those looking for something unique that will remain classic for many years to come. Adding to the Art Deco design is the concept of gold metal bands or vintage gold. This glistening detail will help make your ring stand out and seem even more glamorous.

Abstract placements

The halo aspect of the baguette halo trend tends to have diamond pieces flanked around the stone vertically. However, there are many other ways to surround your main stone. Some have used the baguette halo trend to cover the center rock with diamonds in abstract positions, such as horizontally. This simple switch might seem more modern but it can help personalize the ring. Don't fixate on the placement of your baguette diamonds, as an easy switch can make it more unique.

Multi-colored gems

We already know about the impact that a colored gem like sapphire has had on engagement rings, but no need to stop there. Like your primary rock, you can replace your outside baguette diamonds with colorful gemstones that give plenty more life to your ring. If you're looking for a completely non-traditional ring, adding more colorful gemstones is one way to invoke more liveliness into your piece.