The TikTok Headband Hack That Promises To Volumize Lifeless Hair

Having straight or wavy hair that doesn't require much styling is great until you come face to face with flat, lifeless hair. If you have naturally straight hair, you're in the clear of not having to use a straightener, but sometimes you might need extra help to volumize your roots. On the other hand, if you have wavy hair that needs help with frizziness, you most likely use a hair oil to tame the frizz when air drying, which can lead you back to flat hair. So, what do you do if you're trying to give your hair more volume? You might try blow drying, teasing, curling, or dry shampooing to poof it up a little, but by the end of the day, you're back to where you started. Luckily, there is one TikTok hack you'll want to try that promises to bring life back to your hair.


To add volume, TikTok user Matt Newman demonstrates his step-by-step trick. While his hack helps the front pieces of hair puff up, the sides and back still lay flat. Nevertheless, that's all you need to make it look like you have volume everywhere. All you need is a headband, a comb, hairspray, and a blow dryer.

The ideal method for those rushed mornings

In Matt Newman's TikTok video, it takes him about 30 seconds to get the perfect volumized hair. In other words, it's the ideal hack when dry shampooing isn't helping, or you simply don't have enough time to style or wash your hair. Once you've gathered all your materials, start by adding hairspray to both sides of a comb. With the comb, brush back the front part of your hair. You'll want to give each side of hair a coat of hairspray, combing back the hair until it's sleeked back. Then, put on the headband, pulling it back to the center of your head to expose most of the front part of your hair. You'll want the hair to stay flat when positioning the headband.


Once the headband is in place, add at least three full sprays of hairspray to the hair. Then, brush the hair back lightly with your comb to flatten out any strays or baby hairs. Add one more coat of hairspray. Now, pull out your blow dryer. You'll want to blow dry the hair with cold air for a few seconds and remove the headband. Finally, run your hands through your hair to style it and watch how your hair bounces in place. You won't need extra hairspray throughout the day, but you can apply more if your hair starts to go flat.

More tips for keeping your hair volumized

While Matt Newman's hack works when you're short on time, finding the best way to keep your hair volumized can help prevent you from using hairspray daily. One excellent way to give your hair extra volume is ensuring you're shampooing and conditioning your hair correctly. If you have fine hair, shampooing every other day will keep your hair fresh without too much oil weighing it down. In other words, instead of shampooing every day, opt for two to three times a week and use a dry shampoo to help give your hair some volume on the days you notice your hair looking flat. Plus, when conditioning your hair, only apply it to the ends and not the scalp because it'll make it oily, causing the hair to stay flat.


On the other hand, using the right styling products makes a massive difference when adding volume to the hair. Lightweight products, such as volumizing and root-lifting sprays, are best to prevent weighing down the hair. If you don't like applying too many products and prefer adding volume without heat, using Velcro rollers will help make your hair look like you got a blowout from the salon. Or, try a curling rod product that gives you volume and heatless curls overnight. Finding what works for you can take some time, but Newman's hack can always help when you run out of options.