The 'Europe Test': TikTok's Favorite Dating Hack, Explained

Charismatic, ambitious, courageous, street smart: These are all qualities you might look for if you want a romantic partner you can count on. While a few interactions with someone can give you a feel for how well they embody these qualities, gut feeling alone isn't always a reliable metric.

To take some of the guesswork out of dating, TikToker @emmaatopp came up with a scale to help you decide just how responsible and resourceful a potential partner might be. She calls it the "Europe test," and she explains in her viral video that she came up with the concept with her roommates in college. Since then, it's helped her — and could now help you — make sense of a date or crush's character.

Essentially, the Europe test judges romantic prospects based on how far they'd hypothetically be able to travel by themselves. If a person ranks high on the Europe test — that is, if they're able to successfully travel to faraway locales — they might just be the perfect person to recreate those viral #followmeto travel snaps ( you know — the ones with the hand-holding couple). If they rank low, however, they might not be the dependable partner you're looking for.

The Europe test offers a new way to rank potential partners

The content creator explains the Europe test in detail, starting with Cancun and Punta Cana. These destinations, she shares, are resort-like and easy to navigate without having to venture outside of an all-inclusive hotel or travel group. Therefore, people limited to these types of locations based on charisma, intelligence, and other traits might not be as resourceful or willing to take risks — both on vacation and in life. The next level includes Canada and the U.K., which @emmaatopp says means "they can travel by themselves, but they're limited to English-speaking only." However, she adds, a romantic prospect who can visit these destinations alone is likely to be bolder and more cultured than their Cancun/Punta Cana counterparts.

Following the English-speaking countries are European cities like Paris or Munich, where a traveler might have to think more on their toes to blend in with the locals and overcome language and cultural barriers. Finally, the scale extends beyond Europe to Japan, Morocco, South Africa, and similar spots. The TikToker explains that someone in these categories is equipped to handle bigger culture shocks and remain confident, even when feeling like a fish out of water.

To place someone on the scale, consider their habits and skills. Are they willing to try foreign foods? Do they ask for help when needed? Would they be able to purchase a train ticket in a different language? How open-minded and flexible they are in daily life can help you determine where they rank in the Europe test.

The Europe test isn't the only way to evaluate someone's character

You might not choose a partner solely based on the Europe test, but it can still reveal some valuable insights — including red flags — as TikTok users pointed out in the comments section. "My ex tried to convince me that Epcot was comparable to actually traveling to different countries ... emphasis on the EX," wrote one commenter. Another added their experience with a (presumably former) partner: "I got trapped in São Paulo airport alone and changed my flight with broken Portuguese. He got lost in FL."

However, the Europe test doesn't only reveal others' shortcomings. Some TikTokers shouted out their own well-traveled partners and loved ones who passed the Europe test with flying colors. Other commenters also rated themselves using the test, helping them decide where to set the bar for future crushes.

The TikTok theory is a fun way to judge compatibility, but a better option could be to take a couples vacation with a new S.O. "Traveling together creates an environment that encourages transparency," Laurel House, a dating coach and sex expert for My First Blush, told Bustle. "Unlike Friday night dates, it isn't about being 'on' all the time. Instead, it's about being real." Whether you travel to Mexico or Indonesia, the time spent together might tell you a lot more than a hypothetical TikTok test.