Out Of Your Favorite Limited-Edition Makeup? Don't Panic

Collaborations with influencers, other brands, and pop culture icons -– we totally understand the irresistibility of a good limited-edition makeup release. Whether it's Barbie, Naruto, or Sailor Moon, there's something about a special character eyeshadow palette that would make any makeup girlie (or guy) totally giddy. There are also, of course, a few setbacks that accompany purchasing limited-edition makeup, like running out of a product you love and not being able to restock your makeup bag.


Limited-edition makeup releases are popular for a reason, and brands continue to launch these highly desired products throughout the year. The scarcity appeal around a limited supply certainly sends many running eagerly to make a purchase, so the releases make a lot of sense for businesses. They're also an avenue to get a preview on the response around a new product, line, or color –- without the larger commitment. From searching resale sites to using a little DIY magic, just remember you do have options if you run out of your favorite limited-edition makeup.

Scour eBay and other third party resale sites

If you do become attached to a special Halloween limited-edition eyeshadow in the perfect shade of spice and are in a panic knowing you won't easily be able to restock once you're out, there are a few options. As is the case with many limited-edition releases, some makeup fanatics stockpile the product and sell the highly sought-after makeup elsewhere -– often at a higher price point, which is not ideal.


But, if you're totally devoted to finding as much of the limited-edition release as you can, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and even Instagram may lead you to what you're seeking. You'll want to be mindful of the expiration date on the product, and of course, whether or not the product is open and has been used. According to Healthline, makeup which is properly stored, unopened, and fully sealed should last for two or three years. So, if you can find the limited-edition makeup you're seeking in this condition, it may be worth stocking up.

Make sure the product is truly out of stock

A true fan will go to great lengths before surrendering and accepting that their favorite limited-edition or discontinued makeup is no longer available. This includes doing a fair amount of research. "I start by contacting the consultant that I purchased the products from, to see if it is in fact discontinued and they potentially have any overstock that one could purchase," Petrina Keller, a Virginia-based hair stylist and salon owner, told StyleCaster.


If you find that the makeup is truly no longer available or in production, you could take your proactive mindset a step further and write to the company, pleading for the limited-edition makeup to become a permanent product. This may seem like a stretch, but you never know what the outcome could be. With enough demand, the company may just respond in your favor. Cosmetic outlets and overstock retail spaces could also potentially hold the treasure you're seeking. And don't forget to rummage through the cosmetics sections at spots like TJ Maxx or Ross.

Mix and blend shades to recreate your desired color

If you've totally fallen for a blush or highlighter from a limited-edition makeup palette but notice the shade isn't that far off from a hue you already own, you may be able to use some of your artistic essence and mix up a nearly identical color yourself. This might be done with similar shades from the same brand, or perhaps you branch out and see what other products in your makeup bag might do the trick.


Getting crafty when it comes to the scarcity around limited-edition makeup releases is a necessary skill. Peruse makeup vlogs and see if anyone else out there is tackling the same issue as you and might have some tips. You may find some recommended dupes for high-end makeup products. We know nothing will likely be as good as the real thing when it comes to texture, application, and exact coloring, but you might come pretty darn close. In any case, using the limited-edition release you've fallen head-over-heels for sparingly is always a wise choice.

Send a sample to a custom blending company

If you know that you definitely won't be able to live without a limited-edition lip color, blush, eyeshadow, or brow powder, take a pause before using up the rest of the product. Custom blending companies like Three Custom Color Specialists can recreate your beloved makeup products if you send them a dime-sized sample. And we literally cannot think of better news than that. 


Detailed instructions are on their website, and you should receive your personalized product that promises to be very similar to the limited-edition sample you provided in about two or three weeks. They'll even keep your personalized formula in their database for future ordering, so you don't have to go without it ever again. You may even find that a makeup fan somewhere in the world has beat you to it, and the discontinued shade is already in their library of products. So be sure to browse the customized products already available.