Spiced Brown Nails Are The Autumnal Manicure Color Of The Moment

Fall might signal the beginning of chilly weather, but it's also the season that brings all the warmth and coziness of autumnal trends. Above all, fall is the season of hot beverages, chunky sweaters, and all things warm-toned. Walk down the street during fall and you'll see a landscape splattered with shades of brown, orange, and red — both from leaves falling from the trees and people's autumnal styles. And yes, this includes nail trends. Since warm-toned nails are everywhere during the fall, we're here to narrow down your choices for this season by revealing the color of the moment.


Spiced brown nails are the autumnal manicure you won't be able to resist (any more than you can resist seasonal spiced drinks at your local café). Pulling inspiration from the comfort foods and drinks of the fall and their various spices (pumpkin, cinnamon, cardamom, and the like), spiced brown nails are just another cozy detail to match the season. Caramel nails to go with your caramel macchiato, anyone? How about spiced brown nails to go with your weekly pumpkin-spiced coffee? That's totally about to be a thing, and we're excited to see you rock these nails.

If you're a fall girl at heart and wait all year for the autumnal trends to cycle back around, we're so there with you. Here are all the ways you can spice up your own brown nails right now.


Caramel variations

Caramel is the lightest shade of brown you can get before erring on the side of a latte and cream color palette. Plus, caramel is the ideal first manicure of the season if you want to get yourself on track for a good fall.


Mix and match your shades of caramel for unique results. Do one shade per hand, for example. Put simply, you just pick two shades of caramel — a true caramel alongside a burnt caramel, for instance — and paint each hand a different shade. We know, we just solved your next nail appointment's color conundrum. You're welcome.

Pumpkin spiced coffee

Let's face it, most of us get more excited for the return of all things pumpkin-spiced than for the fall season itself. And who can blame us? Fall can hardly be acknowledged until we've had the seasonal beverages and foods it promises. 


Which is why pumpkin-spiced coffee nails are perfect for commemorating the return of autumnal trends. For this look, ask your nail tech for her darkest shade of pumpkin orange — or, in other words, her most orange shade of brown. It'll look just like a pumpkin-spiced latte with an extra shot of espresso, and we're obsessed.

Tortoiseshell caramel swirl

As for the people who think of fall as their chance to wear leather jackets and chic layered outfits, a tortoiseshell nail design will complement your wardrobe best.

Tortoiseshell nails with the exact right amount of caramel polish blending into chocolate brown are difficult to achieve, so an experienced nail tech is essential. While the design only requires two colors — a deep but warm brown and a lighter orange-brown color — the hard part is in the technique. Blending the two shades in ways reminiscent of marbled stones and watercolors isn't easy, but the results are worth it.


Chocolate syrup streaks

If all else fails and you can't seem to narrow down your choices for nail polish, pick them all! Or at least three to five, and then mix them all in a visually compelling nail design — like a wavy, layered pattern.


Streaky and wavy patterns are pretty much always trending, so take advantage of this and apply the spiced brown nail trend to the formula. Start with one creamy, latte-like shade of brown peppered throughout the nails, then build up with a medium caramel shade, and layer some lines on top with a darker, chocolate syrup brown.

Café au lait French tips

French tips are a girl's most reliable friend. There for every situation, French tips guarantee cute and subtle results that will both impress and slip under the radar, as needed.

If you're bored by the typical neutral base and white tip French manicure, the one-tone French nail provides that still-conservative twist to a classic. There are many ways to do this, but our favorite is to paint a brown-to-cream (café au lait style) gradient for the base, draw a solid stripe where a tip would start, and finish with the same base gradient for the tips.


Cinnamon glitter tips

And speaking of French nails, they seem to come in increasingly varied iterations, all of which we're loving. Abstract tips, wavy tips, double-corner manicures, and so many more. But have you ever experimented with glitter ombré French nails? The concept is easy to follow and looks stunning in practice.


Over your usual French manicure neutral base, ask your nail tech to create a brown ombré effect that blends downward into the base of the nail. Then simply finish off the look with a generous coat of glitter from base to tip. It'll look just like (glittery) cinnamon.