The Benefits & Risks Of Eyebrow Extensions

Eyelash extensions have seemingly taken over the world in the past decade. Videos explaining the procedure have received tens of millions of views each on TikTok — the beauty trend machine of social media — and it's now as easy to visit the salon for extensions as it is for a manicure. It's only the next logical step for eyebrow extensions to follow the same path of popularity, with the term currently boasting over 39 million TikTok views. After all, what's the point of a semi-permanent lash boost if you still have to carefully create faux eyebrows on a daily basis?


Similar to lash extensions, brow extensions are attached to the existing hairs using adhesive. However, the procedures differ in the fact that eyebrow extension fibers are also attached to your skin, resulting in a product that is more temporary. If you've been considering getting eyebrow extensions, take these potential benefits and risks into account before you make the decision.

Benefits of eyebrow extensions

The benefits of eyebrow extensions are straightforward: fuller, fluffier, and customizable brows. Unlike natural brows, eyebrow extension fibers can be attached directly to the skin, allowing for greater flexibility regardless of how thick or sparse your natural brows are. During the application process, which typically takes a couple of hours, a technician will meticulously attach each individual hair to either an existing hair or the surface of your skin (via Healthline).


Prior to your appointment, it's important to communicate your vision for your ideal brows in detail. Sharing a photo of your desired brows enhanced with powder or pencil, or even a picture of someone else with brows you admire, can help your technician understand your preferences. 3D brow extensions offer a more realistic look than even the highest-quality makeup products, making them an excellent choice for in-person events or close-up photography, such as engagement photos or headshots for acting or modeling.

Risks and drawbacks of eyebrow extensions

Eyebrow (and eyelash) extensions carry the risk of developing a reaction to the medical-grade adhesives used to attach the fibers to your hair and skin (via Medical News Today). If you have sensitive skin or have had a reaction to eyelash glue in the past, brow extensions may not be suitable for you. Additionally, even for those who can tolerate the procedure and materials, eyebrow extensions have one major drawback — they only last for a week or two. Considering the cost of the procedure, which can amount to a couple of hundred dollars, this may be a dealbreaker.


On the other hand, microblading costs slightly more than brow extensions but the results can last for nearly two years. However, this semi-permanent tattooing procedure has its own risks and cannot achieve the same 3D effect that extensions can. If you are set on getting brow extensions, there is likely no reason not to give them a try — just remember that they are a short-term solution best suited for special occasions.