Two-Toned Watermelon Hair Is The Trend We Didn't Know We Needed

On September 18, 2023, actor Hayden Panettiere pleasantly shocked her Instagram followers by debuting a bold new hair color: a watermelon-inspired duo of reddish-pink and green. And believe it or not, the hair color looks exactly as it sounds! In her captivating post, the "Scream 6" actor flaunted light green hair at the top of her head, which quickly faded into soft pink with super-dainty bangs. "Love my new watermelon vibes up top," she wrote, with her new hair looking just like someone painted a watermelon design on hair due to the colors' vibrancy.

Pink hair is already TikTok's favorite trend, and thanks to the actor, we expect pink tresses to grow even trendier for the rest of 2023 and 2024 — but now with a green twist. Ultimately, watermelon hair is the sweetest, most vibrant hair color trend we can think of, and Panettiere's green-to-lots-of-pink look is only one way to rock the concept. There are many more beautiful ways to take inspiration from the celebrity and explore watermelon-like tresses.

Go greener

Do you enjoy Hayden Panetierre's watermelon-inspired hair but wish there was more green? There's nothing wrong with opting for a more even ratio of pink and green! If you want the transition from green to pink to be lower in your hair than the actor's, simply show your hair colorist a picture of Panetierre but make it clear that you'd like your version of the look to feature a longer section of green.

Try pink hair with a green money piece

Another unique way to get the watermelon hair color look is to opt for pink hair with a green money piece. The intense contrast between the pink tresses and green at the front will provide a fun twist on Hayden Paniettere's look via an edgier vibe.

Rock pink and green Gemini hair

Why not get in on the buzzy Gemini hair trend with a pink and green look? If you like parting your hair in the middle and want each side to showcase a fresh, fruity shade, a watermelon variation of the Gemini hair look is the perfect option. 

It works for short hair, too

Don't assume you must be a woman, generally look like Hayden Panettiere, or have long or medium-length hair to rock the watermelon hair trend. This pink and green hair trend can look super cool on short hair, too — and you can get creative with it. For instance, painting the top of your short hair green and the sides pink — or vice versa — is an excellent spin on the actor's hair. You could even go bolder by adding black dots in the pink areas to resemble watermelon seeds.