How To Recreate Bella Hadid's Simple Jet-Lag Makeup

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When you're globe-trotting around the world like supermodel Bella Hadid, you're bound to feel the effects of it on your body. Not only does flying dry out your skin, but if you're traveling to and from different time zones, you'll inevitably deal with jet lag. What's more, the effects of flying can remain days after you've landed. "The lack of humidity on the cabin planes (less than 20%) is what makes our skin very dry and uncomfortable when we are on a flight," Patricia Manissier, the head of research and development for the skincare brand Caudalie, told Space NK.

While experiencing jet lag is something we all suffer through to experience the world, there are ways to look as fresh as a daisy even when you feel like a zombie. In fact, in a YouTube video for Vogue's "Beauty Secrets" series, Hadid detailed her makeup routine for when she's traveling and feeling not so well-rested. All you need are a few staples you probably already have in your makeup bag, and you'll look runway-ready in no time.

Even out your skin with concealer and foundation

"I look really tired because I've been traveling for two months straight, but that's okay because you know why? Foundation and concealer," Bella Hadid shared in her Vogue video. If your skin is stressed from jet lag, chances are you're experiencing undereye circles and some redness, which even Hadid isn't immune to. Her first step for jet-lag makeup is applying concealer under her eyes and then blending it out with a makeup sponge, using the pointy end. If you see some spots as the fashion model did, give them a swipe with your concealer and blend them out as well.

As for foundation, Hadid advises, "See, just wing it, you know. Just put it like, everywhere," while randomly dabbing the color on her face with her fingers. Apparently, there's a method to her madness because when she blends the foundation with her sponge, her skin looks clear and smooth, while still showing texture. "Imperfections are still beautiful, right?" she asks.

When it comes to coverage, less is more for Hadid. "I really like a natural, long-lasting look for the summer. I feel like I'm running around so much in the heat that I need a look that can keep up with me and my day, so a 'no make-up' make-up, bronzier look is always the best way to go," she shared with Harper's Bazaar. Her pro-tip — a "good setting spray always helps for long-lasting wear."

Contour your face with a bronzing stick and highlighter

Bella Hadid doesn't need makeup to accentuate her already-chiseled cheeks, but this is her next step in looking jet-lag free. Taking a bronzing stick from Dior, she draws a line right underneath her cheekbones which she blends out with the round end of her makeup sponge. "Peter Philips [creative director of Dior Makeup] taught me how to contour," she once revealed to Elle. Using the color left over, she dabs the bronzer underneath her chin "for definition." Next, she creates even more contour with a powder bronzer and a makeup brush in the same areas she targeted with the cream.

Of course, you can't put on bronzer like a pro without finishing it off with some highlighter. Using the same brush (when you're traveling, it's better to condense your makeup bag), she brushes highlighter on the high points of her chin and brow. She even dabs some under her eyes, which helps counteract dark circles due to the highlighter's reflective nature. Be sure to use it sparingly in that area to avoid accentuating fine lines.

Fill in brows and darken lashes with mascara

Having full brows and lashes instantly makes you look awake, so it's important not to skip this step. Bella Hadid acknowledges that her eyebrows were on the "tiny" side, so she fills them in with a brown pencil. Since she was going for a fresh-faced look, Hadid keeps hers on the natural side and only colors her brows where needed. To avoid any harsh lines, use a spoolie or eyebrow brush to smooth them out.

Before putting on mascara, the Kin Euphorics founder brushes primer on her eyelashes, which provides a base for even application and a thicker appearance. If you're wondering if you actually need to use eyelash primers, you should know they also help lashes hold a curl. So, if you need extra help in that department, make sure you have one in your arsenal. Next comes the actual mascara — Hadid applies a dark black shade liberally on her top lashes, but leaves the bottom lashes bare. Use at least two applications of mascara for extra volume and length. "One thing Peter [Philips] is always saying is to apply my mascara from roots to tips. It'll make your mascara hold. If you put a lot of mascara on, it really makes everything elongated from the inner corners to the outside," Hadid advised, per Into the Gloss.

Apply eyeshadow and lipgloss to complete this look

For the finishing touches, Bella Hadid applies eyeshadow from a multi-colored palette. "I love, like, a little gold right here," she states while dabbing a shimmery shade on her lids. For a quick application, she uses her fingers to rub on the shadow, containing the color right below her crease only. She then applies some on the inner corners of her eyes, extending it to the middle of her lower lids.

Finally, Hadid applies clear lip gloss using a doe foot applicator. Since her lips are already defined and have a naturally rosy shade, she can make do without using color. "I always stick to nudes and darker colors," the model shared with Allure. "I've been really into just a lip liner, very overlined, with lip gloss," she revealed of her go-to color. However, if you're looking a bit drawn and need a little pick-me-up, apply a shade in a neutral pink tone. After putting her hair up in a sleek bun, Hadid was ready to step out and conquer whatever country she was visiting at the time. Off-duty model looks are all about clean, laid-back beauty, and Hadid definitely nailed this one.