'Champagne Cheeks' Are The Latest Celeb-Approved Look We're Loving

It's hard to say if dewy highlighted cheeks have ever gone out of style. Even before highlighter was a thing, women would apply a shiny blush higher on the cheeks or liberally moisturize the high points of their face. This was to create the illusion of higher cheekbones, a slimmer face, and youthful looking skin. In case you feel you have been missing the most important places to use highlighter, this is at the top of the list.

"Champagne cheeks" as we know them have always been in style. The only difference we can see in recent beauty round-ups is that our favorite celebrities are now also sporting them on social media and while being out and about — and they are also giving us tons of style inspo while they're at it.

When wearing a makeup trend that has been around forever, it can be difficult to stand apart and look and feel great. Here are some easy ways for you to try the trend while also looking unique. You can thank us later!

Don't be afraid to go goth

Who said champagne cheeks must be limited to a princess style prim and proper look? Even goth style makeup and outfits merit highlighted cheeks. Channel Jenna Ortega's cool look by applying some champagne highlighter on your cheeks this fall season and watch heads turn. You are not going to regret it!

Channel your inner Barbie

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the princess pinks and whites of this summer's Barbiecore trend. Whether you choose to go dark or light, the fact is that highlighted champagne cheeks are for everyone and go with every look. Don't be afraid to experiment by donning some pretty pearls and a feminine hairdo.

Champagne cheeks can be sexy

Champagne cheeks shouldn't be reserved only for your pretty, feminine looks. Don't be afraid to pile on the highlighter when donning a sexy strapless dress just like Kylie Jenner is wearing here. A sleek hairdo and fierce diamond jewelry are the only other accessories you need to stand out.

Blond tresses complement the cheeks

You know what goes really well with champagne cheeks? Champagne curls to match! Take a cue from Gigi Hadid's casual chic look at this event, when she literally lets her hair down. Though it is down, it is nowhere near covering her shining cheeks! A playful ivory waistcoat looks great, too.

Keep your hair out of your face

Sure, open curls can look hella sexy. If you really want your champagne cheeks to pop, though, take inspiration from Florence Pugh and keep your hair away from your face. Not only will the light shine exactly where it is meant to, but your face will also look sharper.

Go bold with your contour

Champagne cheeks are a way to complement the curves and contours of your face, so it looks classically beautiful ala Em Rata. You can increase the effect by wearing a strong and bold contour along with the highlighter. The rest of your makeup will look snatched, too.