The 'Sandy Liang Aesthetic' Is On Trend For Fall 2023 - Here's How To Get The Look

The return to the hyper-femininity and playfulness of girlhood fashion has been imminent for years, and it's finally here (in all its girly glory). The cutesy, dainty schoolgirl aesthetic is back in style, except now it brings with it the much-needed maturity and taste of our adult closets.


Ribbons to decorate our sensible handbags, ballet flats with plain white socks, silky fabrics to contrast against all the polyester, and pleated skirts with modest(ish) stockings — these are just a few of our favorite things, at least when it comes to letting our inner child shine through our (and their) super trendy style choices. Of course, a lot of it is thanks to designer Sandy Liang and her iconic contributions to the world of fashion. We give credit where it is due — Liang has been killing it on the runway for years, and the public is finally catching on to the genius of the brand, which Liang launched in 2014. 

Now that the so-called "Sandy Liang aesthetic" is decidedly in vogue, fall 2023 promises to make the best of it in a back-to-school, preppy academia sort of way. Think neutral autumnal colors, Mary Janes, and bows. This aesthetic couldn't be better suited for the fall season, and we're ready to show you exactly how to incorporate it into your own personal style.


Bows galore

The easiest — and, arguably, most important — way to achieve the Sandy Liang aesthetic is to accessorize with bows. And lots of them. You can get ribbons inexpensively in craft stores to DIY your hyper-feminine accessories, or you can buy bows from pretty much any clothing and accessories store.


Pull your hair back with bows, tie ribbons to the ends of your French braids, add them to your handbags, or sew them onto your clothes — the possibilities are endless. And once you start, it might be hard to stop. But don't worry, this aesthetic is all about maximalism.

Mary Jane flats

If you ask us, nothing beats a good pair of Mary Janes when it comes to showing off your feminine side. Plus, they go well with everything — jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses, even shorts, you name it — and Mary Jane flats are the perfect shoe for it, guaranteed.


If you don't own a pair yet, we seriously advise investing in a pair which will set you up for life. As for fall, specifically? Just make sure to style them with cozy socks and stockings, and you'll be ready to go out in the crisp fall air. 

Bedsheet skirts

The bedsheet skirt trend might have only recently made a name for itself, but it's been around for decades. In fact, you probably have one in your closet right now — a bed skirt is simply a flowy maxi skirt that resembles a bedsheet (some complete with ruffles).


These skirts are coquette in nature, with their puffy fullness and twirlability (which is officially a word, according to us, and so befitting of the Sandy Liang aesthetic). So, pull it out of your closet and accessorize cozy, yet girly, items to give them an autumnal edge.

Babydoll dresses

Babydoll dresses tend to be reserved for the spring and summer seasons, but they're just as good for layering in the fall. Frilly tops, sweaters, and lacy tops all look flattering when worn underneath strappy dresses, but they adopt an unmistakable feminine flair when worn with babydoll dresses. Plus, a good pair of socks (ankle-length and higher) will keep you warm during unpredictable fall weather.


Accessorize in any way you like, but delicate details will take this look to that coveted Sandy Liang-aesthetic level. We recommend a statement collar peeking out from underneath. Just sayin'.

Trench coats

If khaki-colored trench coats aren't your definition of Parisian fall fashion realness — and, by proxy, Sandy Liang réalité — then we don't know what to tell you other than you're wrong, and we can prove it. Every influencer known for embodying these aesthetics will, inevitably, pose in a trench coat this fall. Just check their Instagram feeds.


To get the look, these trenches are not only sold everywhere (from thrift stores to high-end boutiques), but they're also easy to style. Just remember to balance out their heaviness with lighter, more feminine touches.

Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts might bring to mind preppy school uniforms (think "Gossip Girl" style), but, at its core, is what the Sandy Liang aesthetic is about. Think of girls in French braids, mini or midi pleated skirts, tube socks, and Mary Janes — except grown up and ready to walk the runway of life. Isn't it everything you dream of?


You don't need the exact look described above to achieve the Sandy Liang aesthetic, though. You may swap out the MJs for loafers or sneakers to fit your personal style and accessorize your way. The skirt speaks for itself.