The 10 Best Wax Strips For Flawlessly Smooth Skin

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If there's one thing we know, it's that unwanted hair has a way of making itself known at the worst possible times. When pesky stray hairs emerge after salons close their doors, there's only one solution: wax strip hair removal. Wax strips may require a bit of a learning curve since many folks haven't used them at home before, but these handy hair removal products can come in clutch once you've mastered them.


From eyebrows to underarms, there are wax strips and kits to address nearly every hair-raising concern you can imagine. With that in mind, it's essential to understand that some wax strip products perform far better than others. Furthermore, coarse hair, such as body hair, may require the help of slightly stronger products for optimal removal.

Perhaps needless to say, wax strips are excellent to have on hand whether you employ them for routine hair removal or quick touchups between salon appointments. As such, we've developed a quick and easy guide to help you find the best wax strips for your needs, from beginner-friendly kits to advanced solutions.

How we selected products

We don't mean to brag, but we've tried many a hair removal process over the years. We selected many of our wax strip picks based on personal experience, but we've also included several highly-rated waxing kits from trusted brands, using product descriptions and consumer reviews as our compass. As with any type of wax, we urge you to avoid waxing while using active skincare ingredients like retinoids and retinols and to always perform a patch test if you have sensitive skin.


When searching for the perfect wax strips, it can be helpful to consider a few factors. If you have fine hair or delicate skin, your best bet is a sensitive wax strip kit. However, exploring microwavable waxes or wax warmers may be a better choice if you want to remove coarse hair altogether, as these products are far better at eliminating thick, stubborn hair.

No matter your waxing experience level, we're here to help you find your ideal wax strips. There are waxing products designed for numerous hair and skin types, and we've made it our mission to uncover which ones best address your concerns so you can stay away from the salon.

Best overall wax strips: Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit

Are you looking for a dependable wax strip that can do it all? If so, Sally Hansen's Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit is just for you. This wax strip set is widely available online and in stores, and it's amassed an impressive number of positive reviews and four of five stars from more than 1,800 ratings at Rite-Aid. It's also great for pretty much all body and facial hair, easily landing it in the best overall category.


"I have used [Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax] to wax my eyebrows and upper lip for years. I cut them into thinner pieces, and they take five [minutes] to do," one reviewer shared. Like other wax strips, the trick is to warm them up by vigorously rubbing them between your palms. After you've removed the wax strip, use the provided azulene oil finishing wipe to remove any excess residue. For the best results, only use the Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit on facial and fine hair.

Purchase the Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit at Rite-Aid for $6.79.

Best wax strips for brows: Nad's Natural Eyebrow Wax Strips

Trying to shape your eyebrows to perfection isn't always an easy task. Fortunately, Nad's Natural Eyebrow Wax Strips make the process smoother thanks to its thoughtful formula and design. Nad's strips hug the curves of your browbone so you can get a clean, satisfying result without taking off too much of your natural brow shape.


"[Nad's Natural Eyebrow Wax Strips] snatched all the hairs, [including] the finer hairs as well. This just may [be] my new go-to," wrote one Nad's fan in an Ulta review. Those with sensitive skin may want to use a patch test before trying them directly on the brow area, but most users have no difficulties using these wax strips. Further, some reviewers suggest trimming the strips before applying them to ensure the perfect brow shape.

Purchase the Nad's Natural Eyebrow Wax Strips at Ulta for $6.74.

Best wax strips for sensitive skin: Nair Sensitive Ready Face & Bikini Wax Strips

Just because you have sensitive skin doesn't mean you can't use wax strips from time to time. One product created with delicate skin types in mind is Nair Sensitive Ready Face & Bikini Wax Strips. Nair is practically a household name for hair removal, so are we really surprised that the brand's Sensitive Wax Strips don't disappoint?


What sets these wax strips apart from others is their gentle formulation. They're free of dyes and fragrances and include natural chamomile extract to help calm the skin. According to reviewers, they're one of the best wax strip kits you can buy if you have sensitive skin. "I am so impressed by this product. I will never go back to anything else!" one Nair user raved in their Target review. Lastly, even though these wax strips are gentle, always perform a patch test just to be safe.

Purchase the Nair Sensitive Ready Face & Bikini Wax Strips at Target for $7.29.

Best upper lip wax strips: Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit for Face

Any type of "surprise" hair is annoying, but many of us reserve a special kind of loathing for upper lip hair. If you've been battling this area for as long as you can remember, you'll want to try Sally Hansen's Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit for Face. At less than $5 a box, it's far more economical than a trip to your waxer's chair.


Though we've successfully used many types of Sally Hansen wax strips, it's worth noting that this particular product is great for removing upper lip hair. "I'm new to waxing. These strips make it easy to wax my upper lip," one Sally Hansen user wrote. If you've never used wax strips on your upper lip, begin with a patch test on an area with fine hair, like your forearm.

Purchase the Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit for Face on Amazon for $11.99.

Best wax strips for legs: Parissa Legs & Body Wax Strips Kit

Coarse hair, like leg hair, can be challenging to remove. We wouldn't recommend using all-purpose wax strips on this area unless you have very fine body hair. Still, the right body waxing strips can work wonders — just look to the Parissa Legs & Body Wax Strips Kit for proof.


Parissa uses naturally derived ingredients, from castor seed oil to beeswax, to create its beloved formula. As such, these strips are gentle on the skin yet powerful enough to lift tough leg and body hair. "When I tell you they grab all the thick hairs, they really do! I waxed my underarms & bikini area & it hasn't grown back," raved one reviewer. The kit contains 48 generously sized wax strips and Parissa's soothing oil blend for a calming, post-wax treatment.

Purchase the Parissa Legs & Body Wax Strips Kit at Ulta for $14.99.

Best wax strips for travel: Schick Hydro Silk Ready-to-Use Targeted Waxing Strips Kit

No matter where life takes you, it never hurts to be prepared. Tossing a few travel-friendly wax strips in your bag can give you peace of mind, and the Schick Hydro Silk Ready-to-Use Targeted Waxing Strips Kit is perfect for journeys of any length.


The lightweight Schick Hydro Silk Waxing Kit contains gentle waxing strips and portable almond oil wipes for cleanup. Schick's waxing strips contain soothing seaweed extract and are even safe for sensitive skin. Needless to say, this dermatologist-approved waxing kit is a hit with users. "The Hydro Silk Wax Strips are super easy to use and very effective. They are small enough to get your hard-to-reach spots and pull the entire hair," explained one Schick user.

Purchase the Hydro Silk Ready-to-Use Targeted Waxing Strips Kit at Schick for $9.99.

Best soothing wax strips: Nad's Facial Wax Strips

Want to nourish your skin while banishing unwanted hair? Say no more. Drugstore favorite Nad's Facial Wax Strips are a gentle, nourishing, and effective way to get rid of hair fast. These fragrance-free wax strips are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Each box of Nad's Facial Wax Strips includes skin protection powder and calming oil wipes to soothe irritable complexions.


We always recommend a patch test for sensitive skin, though many of Nad's users point out how gentle this product is. "My skin is extremely sensitive — it has been all my life...[but] this product did not irritate my skin," one customer wrote. Nad's formula contains natural beeswax, and each wax strip uses contour weave technology for a more ergonomically friendly fit.

Purchase Nad's Facial Wax Strips on Amazon for $4.99.

Best budget sugar wax kit: Veet Sugar Wax Hair Remover

Perhaps you've also heard of sugar wax, the sweetly named epilation method derived from — you guessed it — sugar. Sugar waxing is known for being less painful than traditional waxing, though this will depend on your pain tolerance. Traditional sugar wax can be tedious to prepare, but Veet Sugar Wax Hair Remover is a fantastic way to explore sugaring in a fraction of the time.


Based on its reviews, the Veet Sugar Wax Hair Remover is a fine choice for first-time sugar waxers. There's minimal prep involved, and removing the wax is easy, even for novices. "I am an incredibly messy person, and I got this everywhere. [But] because it is sugar wax, it comes right [off] with water and a cloth," wrote one reviewer.

Purchase the Veet Sugar Wax Hair Remover at Walmart for $9.47.

Best luxury sugar wax kit: Sugardoh Pits to Pubes Sugaring Kit

For a more luxe type of sugar wax, check out the Sugardoh Pits to Pubes Sugaring Kit. Like Veet Sugar Wax, this Sugaring Kit involves warming up a tub of wax and applying it to the desired area with an applicator. Though it involves slightly more effort than your average wax strip kit, you can expect to remove substantially more hair this way.


"[Sugardoh Sugaring Kit] is a total game changer. This sugar wax is so much easier to use [than other waxes] and much less painful," wrote one fan. Interestingly, several Sugardoh devotees suggest that regularly waxing with this kit can help delay and soften regrowth. What's more, Sugardoh's formula is all-natural, consisting of just three easily recognizable ingredients: Sugar, citric acid, and water.

Purchase the Sugardoh Pits to Pubes Sugaring Kit at Ulta for $30.

Best professional wax kit: GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit

If you want salon-worthy results without leaving the comfort of your home, the GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit is where it's at. When we first picked up this incredible waxing kit, we had no idea how long it would last. At the time of writing, our GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit is approaching its 15th birthday and still going strong.


The GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit has everything you need to achieve impressively smooth skin. You'll need to learn the basics of waxing to appreciate this fantastic device, but it's worth investing a little time to do so. Then, you can experiment with different types of waxes and tools to create your ultimate waxing experience. When choosing between soft vs. hard wax, remember that soft wax is ideal for sensitive areas like the face or forearms, while hard wax is best for leg, underarm, and pubic hair.

Purchase the GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit at Sally Beauty for $59.99.