TikTok Has The Key To Shy-Girl Flirting: Necklace Touching

For some, obvious flirting can feel far too direct and even embarrassing. Pick-up lines, asking for a number, forward compliments — this may be second nature for the extrovert, but for shy-girls, something far more subtle is typically the go-to. Enter: necklace touching. It is, in fact, just what it sounds like, but the effect is large even if the action is small. Tiktoker @juminjuice posted her shy-girl flirting tip on the platform and the video garnered 463k views, because what introvert doesn't want a hot flirting tip that fully allows them to stay within their comfort zone?

"This one you need a necklace for it ... you're gonna touch your necklace, like the pendant usually ... and slowly look up," @juminjuice explained in her clip, referring to the slow hand motion of pulling the necklace's pendant back and forth. "She did this and it was very effective," commented user @friedwatermelons, validating the subtle shy-girl flirtation.

Dating coaches agree with the shy-girl flirting tip

The upward gaze is key when it comes to the necklace-touching flirtation — there's just something about those doe eyes and the prolonged eye contact — and TikTok dating coach @tecorathedatingcoach confirms this. In her video on flirting techniques for shy-girls, she recommends three seconds of eye contact, then three seconds gazing downward, followed by another three seconds of eye contact — with a coy smile at the end. This shy-girl technique can be enhanced by, you guessed it, playing with your necklace.

It will likely feel awkward at first and you'll need some practice in order for the timing of the eye contact to feel natural and unforced. "Me COUNTING OUT LOUD trying to do this," joked user @tianewyear in a comment on the TikTok video — which most nervous or shy-girls can likely relate to. "You're going to feel silly in the beginning but trust me it works," @tecorathedatingcoach reassured all in the comment section.

The body language of playing with your necklace

If you've realized you play with your necklace as more of a nervous habit than as an intentional flirtation method, it may be wise to reign in the jewelry toying when you're not, well, making a move. ​​"This is OK on a date, but be very careful to not casually touch your jewelry in these areas around colleagues or friends," body language expert Vanessa Van Edwards told HuffPost in regard to touching jewelry on the neck or wrists, as they're also pheromone zones. 

"There's evidence to suggest our brains prioritize nonverbal communication over verbal communication," Dr. Emily Cook, marriage and family therapist, told Healthline. "So, when our brain gets a mixed message — say it hears, 'I love you' but sees a mean face or hears an insincere tone — it may prefer the nonverbal cues to the verbal ones." So, in following this logic, it's possible that toying with your necklace when you don't intend to flirt could convey the message that you're interested — even if you're not. And reversely, if you are, in fact, a shy-girl and directly telling your crush that you're into them is far too scary, then this body language is the perfect subtle key to flirting.