Porcelain Nails Are The Dainty, Delicate Trend Taking Over Manicures Right Now

If you've ever wandered through an antique store, you've undoubtedly seen collections of vintage — mostly blue and white — intricately decorated porcelain dishes, vases, and maybe even tiles. You may even remember your parents or grandparents proudly displaying a set of their own porcelain when you were young. Now, you can take that nostalgia — or just a love of pretty, dainty designs — and put it into your manicure. That's right, porcelain nails are officially a thing.

While it sounds straightforward, there are quite a few ways you can put your own spin on porcelain nails. Accent nails, porcelain tips, gold detailing, and non-traditional color combos allow for endless customization options. If you tend to fall in love with the dainty and delicate things in life, porcelain nails might be the next manicure for you. Check out this curated list of all the ways you can incorporate this trend into your style wheelhouse. 

Classic blue and white

There's a reason why a classic never dies. Simple blue line, dots, and outlines on a stark white background makes for a beautifully simple and striking impact. A mixture of full porcelain nails and porcelain tips creates the perfect amount of neutrality to counteract all the contrast. 

Extra dainty floral porcelain

Is there anything daintier than a teeny tiny floral print? If you're aiming for a stunning level of detail and just the right level of whimsy, try a delicate floral porcelain nail look. Is it balletcore? Is it cottagecore? We're not sure, but it is gorgeous. 

Porcelain accent

If you struggle to love designs that feel busy, consider opting for just one nail with a porcelain tip while your other nails rock a solid coordinating color. This allows you to go all out with your accent nail by adding gold or yellow accents without feeling like you've gone overboard. 

Intricate floral porcelain

Love porcelain designs and tattoo art? Combine the two with this style of frilly florals in classic porcelain colors. For a softer approach, try a light nude base rather than a stark white. Or, crank up the contrast with the whitest of whites; it's your manicure, after all. 

Warm-toned porcelain

While blue and white seems to be the most popular color combination for coveted vintage porcelain, it certainly isn't the only one. Throw it back to the '70s with a nude base topped with rust orange, mustard yellow, and avocado green flowers and flower power your way into fall. 

Porcelain tips

Can't decide between a white or a nude background for your porcelain mani? Go with both by combining a nude base with classic French tips before adding your blue design on top. For extra intricacy, customize the edges of your white tips to complement the design that will be applied.