Orange And Blue Is The Underrated Color Combo That Can Brighten Your Spring Outfits

Unexpected color combinations are popping up on our Instagram feeds. As color returns to our wardrobes, we are looking for out-of-the-ordinary ways to style bright pieces. It looks as if most fashion "it-girls" have decided unique color combos are the way to go. Most recently, we have seen lime green and gray on Bella Hadid, yellow and blue on Hailey Baldwin, and red and white on Kim Kardashian.

Out of all the new color combinations we have seen, the most interesting has to be orange and blue. While some may be cautious of the trend, there actually are ways to style the combo without looking like Fred Flinstone or Blippi. The boldness of orange and the subtle tranquility of blue come together to create a vibe no one can resist. We have curated five of the hottest blue and orange outfit ideas for this spring so you can get your look together ASAP.

Orange and blue patterns

Pattern play is all the rage this spring. Pull this color combination into your wardrobe with a unique pattern. We love an untraditional pattern for this untraditional combo. This Instagram fashion stylist does it best when she pairs a blurred-effect blue and orange patterned top with orange flare denim.

Colorblocking for the win

When pairing together two unique colors, colorblocking is always a good idea. Colorblocking involves pairing two drastically different color pieces together in an outfit. With the orange and blue color combo, we often see a bright blue top paired back with bold orange pants for the ultimate effect. This combo allows for a strong definition where the blue stops and the orange begins.

Accessorize with the colors

Whether you are looking to spice up a neutral outfit or want to emphasize your already blue and orange look, consider accessorizing with the color combo. Colorful street style Instagram influencer @heartfelthunt showcases herself wearing blue oversized sunnies and statement orange earrings with her classic orange tank top for the perfect spring outfit.

Dress it up

Even if you are heading to the office or a formal event, you can get in on the blue and orange trend. The blue and orange color combination looks great, particularly with business casual looks. We love to see a blue pants suit paired with orange accessories or an orange dress with a blue blazer over top.

Use blue denim to your advantage

If you prefer simple and understated looks but are dying to get on the orange and blue trend, this option is for you! Simply pair your favorite blue denim with an orange blouse. Blue jeans are a casual wardrobe staple to keep the outfit low-key which are then brightened up with a bold orange top.