Bring The Red Trend From Fashion To Hair This Fall With These Stylish Copper Tones

As the leaves begin falling and we step into fall 2023, one thing is clear: It's time to bring the red trend from fashion to our hair — and there's no better way to do that than with the rich and enchanting tones of copper. After all, if there's one color that perfectly encapsulates the aesthetic of this season, it's undoubtedly copper red. It's classic and timeless, just like you.

For inspiration, we looked at the rich and famous and how they rock shades of red. While some of these iconic celebrity hair looks may be from previous years, their timeless appeal only serves as a reminder that red hair is never out of style. From a copper blond to a mahogany brown, there's a shade of red that's just waiting to become your signature style this fall. Furthermore, whether you have textured curls or a short bob, the world of copper tones has endless possibilities for you, and exploring them before the year ends is simply a must.

Subtle copper glow like Emily Ratajkowski

A subtle copper glow is a great way to explore this trend for fall, just like model Emily Ratajkowski proved this summer. This hair color trend is perfect for natural brunettes looking to add a touch of warmth to their locks. Ratajkowski's secret? She kept her roots slightly darker, making it a perfect low-maintenance choice.

Luscious, long, and copper à la Megan Fox

Copper hair is already a statement, but when it's long and luscious like Megan Fox's, it's an absolute showstopper. The star showcased her new look this spring, and it's safe to say that our jaws dropped to the floor. While this hair color is lovely, remember that if you're not naturally close to this color, you'll need regular root touch-ups to maintain the look. (But trust us: The full-on copper transformation is totally worth it.)

A short copper lob is always chic, and Chrissy Teigen knows it

Chrissy Teigen proves that a short copper lob is always in style. She sported this stylish look at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, showcasing the timeless appeal of the hair color. This shade is known for its fun and quirky vibe, making it a perfect match for an equally fun lob haircut. At the end of the day, a short copper bob will add the extra flair your fall 2023 look needs.

Dove Cameron's darker cherry red shade

Dove Cameron is no stranger to changing up her hair color, and in early 2023, she surprised her fans by showcasing her deep red hair on Instagram. While it may not be a traditional copper shade, it offers a rich alternative for those who prefer to stay on the darker side of the copper spectrum. This deep red cherry-like hue brings warmth and sophistication, making it an excellent choice for fall.

Channel '70s vibes with copper curtain bangs like Riley Keough

The drama series "Daisy Jones & The Six" made its debut in spring 2023, and one of its stars, Riley Keough, turned heads with her stunning '70s-inspired copper red hairstyle. If you're looking to infuse some retro charm into your appearance, this copper hair shade with curtain bangs is the way to go. Not only is it a nod to the '70s rockstar era but it also adds a touch of the free-spirit aesthetic to your look.

A light copper shade inspired by Emma Stone

Emma Stone, often mistaken for a natural redhead, has shown how beautiful copper hair can be. The star has played around with different shades of red throughout her career, and in early 2018, she decided to play around with a light shade of copper. If you're a natural blond like her, a light copper tone can effortlessly help transform you into a strawberry blond.

RIhanna's red hair is rated R for radiant

Rihanna has always been a fashion and beauty trendsetter, and even though these red locks are from 2015,  they're still a great example of how stunning vibrant red hair looks on deeper skin tones. If you're craving a spotlight-worthy look this fall, take a cue from RiRi and embrace the boldness of vibrant red hair. However, remember that the more electric the shade is, the more upkeep it requires.

Curly hair is perfect for channeling that '90s Julia Roberts look

Curly hair is the ideal canvas for channeling the '90s Julia Roberts look, and a copper shade can take you there effortlessly. If you're blessed with naturally wavy or curly hair, embracing a copper tone will help you capture that iconic "Pretty Woman" vibe. However, make sure you go to a trusted hairstylist, as dying curly hair — which tends to be on the drier side — can cause damage to its pattern.

Sophie Turner is all about burgundy red hair

Sophie Turner, widely known for her role as Sansa Stark on HBO's "Game of Thrones," may leave many convinced that she's a natural redhead. Surprisingly, Turner is a natural blond — yet, throughout the years, she has confidently embraced various shades of red, effortlessly pulling off each one. In late spring 2022, the actor showcased a captivating cherry Coke shade, proving that you can switch up red hair even if you've been rocking it for years.

Subtle copper lowlights like Brittany Snow

If you're a natural blond and the thought of going full-on copper terrifies you, take a cue from Brittany Snow and opt for subtle copper lowlights. This fun combination is a timeless choice that adds depth and dimension to your hair. Copper lowlights seamlessly blend with your blond base, creating a beautiful contrast without the commitment of an all-over copper hue.

If you're asking Zendaya, mahogany red is perfect for a bold French bob

Zendaya rocked a mahogany red shade in the form of a bold French bob at the 2018 Met Gala, showcasing her knack for staying ahead of fashion trends. Notably, the French bob hairstyle has been making waves in 2023, and pairing it with a rich and sophisticated mahogany red shade is a surefire way to turn heads.

Bella Thorne loves a soft copper with a wolf cut

Bella Thorne has been known for her signature copper locks since her Disney days. In a September 22 Instagram post, she embraced a messy wolf cut in a soft copper shade, demonstrating that red hair doesn't always have to be ultra-bold and in your face, though there's nothing wrong with that either. Thorne's choice showcases a more relaxed and effortless approach to fiery red hair.

Barbie Ferreira's '90s hairstyles and classic copper are a match made in heaven

From the '70s to the '90s and beyond, copper hair continues to stand the test of time as the perfect choice for those looking to channel retro styles. In 2021, Barbie Ferreira showcased this by pairing a classic copper hair color with a quintessential '90s hairstyle: a short lob with a half-updo and face-framing tendrils. If you're looking for that '90s nostalgia, this is the hair color and style to go for.

A mahogany brown like Lourdes Leon's Is perfect for those with a dark base

Take a cue from Lourdes Leon, who rocked a mesmerizing mahogany brown shade at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar party. This rich shade is ideal for those with a dark base, as it enhances your natural depth while still adding a vibrant twist to it. What makes Lourdes' hair even more captivating is the clever play of color — a slight gradient from brighter ends to deeper roots. This style not only infuses fun into your hair but also makes maintenance a breeze.

Rock copper on textured hair like SZA

SZA's vibrant copper hair in late 2019 is one stunning example of how good copper looks on textured hair. The musician opted for a lighter shade of copper than some of the other celebs on this list, and it worked oh-so beautifully on her, acting as a perfect example that going lighter or darker on any trend to suit your own preferences can really pay off.

Do it like Blake Lively and go for mermaid hair

Blake Lively, known for her luscious blond locks, made quite the splash back in 2011 when she decided to dive into the world of copper. Her transformation instantly made us think of enchanting mermaid hair, and if you're aiming to channel your inner Ariel, a bright and bold shade of copper is the way to go this fall.