Florals Are In For Fall/winter This Year, And It Actually Is Kind Of Groundbreaking

If Paris Fashion Week is any indication (and it most definitely is), one of the hottest trends shaping up for fall/winter 2023 is florals. While you might think of flower-inspired prints and textures as more of a summer or spring fashion vibe, they can absolutely translate to fall and even to winter with just a little intentionality. There's no reason to limit yourself to your grandma's spring florals; feel free to get a little dark with your flowery style.

From accessories to dresses, shirts, and even pants, the season of the autumnal floral has arrived. Take a look at this list of curated examples of rocking floral clothing items to their fullest potential outside of a spring or summer setting. Pick your favorite look, then head out shopping, thrifting, or even raid your own closet for floral pieces that are ready to finally make their very own fall debut this year. 

Rusty petals

Not quite sure where to begin on your fall floral journey? Look for a shirt with a small floral print in all one color. A piece like the one shown above can ease you into wearing florals without overwhelming you with bright colors and different types of blooms. Baby steps, baby. 

Golden garden

Are you torn between the warm colors of fall and the bright, joyful tones of summer flowers? Find a piece with a solid fall-colored base, like deep yellow, gold, or rust, and well-spaced flowers in any colors you like. As long as the base color is allowed to shine through, the autumnal vibes will win out. 

Dark and delicate

There is really no better way to make a floral print dark and moody enough for fall and winter than to put it on a black background. The contrast between teeny tiny delicate roses in varying shades of pink and a black base somehow equals the perfect balance between light summer and dark winter vibes. 

Rosy onesie

If the idea of attempting to match pants to a floral top or vice versa sounds stressful, consider embracing a one-piece look. Keep your eye out for a pattern that focuses on a dark or fall-colored base with pops of the florals of your choice to strike the perfect moody-joyful balance.

Rose bold

Who says bright, beautiful jewel toned floral prints can't work for the colder months? With the addition of just a touch of black detailing (the roses' leaves, in this case), the opportunity is created to balance the loud floral print with a solid black top to create a stunning style. 

Dainty in darkness

Similar to the top version, adding a floral print to a black background can be used in many different ways to incorporate a whimsical nature into the fall and winter. The more space between each flower, the moodier the vibe becomes between each moment of sunshine and whimsy. 

Flower powered

Green is the shade that ties all seasons together. That said, try using it as the base for your autumn florals. Choose a piece heavy on the leaves and greenery, and match your coordinating top or bottom to your favorite green hue from the pattern. Then, rock your flowers like a green goddess.