Mix Up Your Makeup Routine By Adding Black Blush

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A couple of many non-tradition blush options include liquid blush for a blended look and surprisingly wearable yellow blush. Another exciting spin on classic blush is the black blush for a mysterious, edgy vibe. While the product may appear black, it typically doesn't look that way once you put the blush on your skin. Despite its name, black blush can provide more of a purple or burnt-pink effect on your cheeks. "It is a combination of science and illusion; the black is so sheer that it creates the illusion of berry," Poppy King, founder of Lipstick Queen, told PopSugar.


Black blush is anything but conventional, so it's ideal for anyone looking for something more unique than classic pinks and reds. While black blush may sound daunting initially, it's nothing to be scared of, so don't let hesitation stop you from trying it. Also, remember to apply enough as you should with any blush. "If you're not wearing enough blush, you can lose the dimension of the cheeks," Jenny Patinkin, a makeup artist, told SELF.

TikTokers express mixed feelings about black blush

Like any other not-so-traditional makeup, some social media users love using black blush, while others aren't fans. For instance, @youngcouture, a fashion and beauty TikToker with more than 3 million followers, enjoys wearing black blush. The TikToker posted a video applying a black cream blush with a makeup brush, showing excitement and appreciation for the berry-like results. A viewer commented, "I had no idea a black blush turned a reddish pink color. Interesting," while someone else wrote, "Use it as a kind of Halloween (bruised) look!"


On the other hand, makeup artist Mandi Marie didn't enjoy using black blush. The makeup artist shared a video trying another spin on the idea, mixing the blush with black eyeshadow, adding sparkly heart details. The TikToker user captioned the video, "It's a no for me," also writing later in the comments, "I look dirty... or bruised."

However, Aalia Khan — a makeup-focused TikToker with more than 230,000 followers — posted a video showing a positive experience with black blush. Unlike the other TikTokers, Khan used her fingers instead of a makeup brush to apply the blush. The TikTok user also noted that black blush will likely provide different results for each individual.

Black blush products to try

There are various black blush options, whether you're bargain-hunting or want to splurge. One example of a splurge is the Anna Sui Black Cream Blush, available on Amazon for $31. The luxurious item has 4.4 out of five stars at the time of writing, and a pleased reviewer even wrote, "Absolutely love this. It looks exactly as described. When you put it on, it's very silky smooth feeling, and then the light color starts to appear. Will definitely buy again."


If you're looking for a budget-friendly cream blush, the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Color Changing Blush sells for $6.49 at Ulta. Meanwhile, the Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix — Multi-Use Eye, Cheek & Lip Waterproof Liquid Pigment in Blackout — true black matte is a versatile option for anyone who prefers liquid blush. Available for $20 at Sephora, the item has 4.4 stars and an 88% recommendation rate. A satisfied customer even wrote, "Mega pigmented!! Using this as a blush, you need just the smallest amount. Like a dot! It packs a lot of pigment for a small amount. It blends out very nicely. I love the versatility of this, too. You can go bold or subtle on the edges, lips, or cheek!"