Yellow Blush Is More Wearable Than You'd Think — Here's How To Rock It

When most of us think of blush, we tend to think of red, pink, and orange shades. However, this year is all about stepping out of your makeup comfort zone, whether that means embracing red eyeliner or rocking yellow blush. Yes — yellow blush is a thing, and allow us to show you just how stunning it can look. The trend has already hit the runways and social media, and because the yellow color is so unexpected, it allows for a fun pop that will catch people's eyes.

The best part about yellow blush is that it is super versatile, and it works well with all skin tones. Based on what you prefer, you can opt for a powder or cream blush formula, and if you're a bit intimidated by it — start out small by adding only a hint of yellow to your cheeks. Once you get used to that, you can build the color and make it more vibrant. Since yellow is the color of the sun, this trend is also perfect for warmer days, which is why this spring is the perfect time for you to try it out. Get inspired by these makeup looks that feature yellow blush. 

Yellow blush + yellow eyeshadow

Yellow blush on its own can quickly make you look too dull, which is obviously the opposite of what we're trying to achieve. To balance the yellow cheeks out, consider adding a vibrant yellow eyeshadow to your eyes. Yes, this might seem like too much yellow, but the blush and eyeshadow actually end up complementing each other perfectly.

Yellow and orange blush

A fun color to combine with yellow is orange, as the two can be blended together easily. Start out by applying your orange blush to the higher points of your cheek towards your hairline, and add the yellow more toward the center — on the apples of your cheeks. If you want, you can also extend that yellow blush to your eyes and rock it as an eyeshadow, as well.

Subtle yellow blush

We already mentioned just how buildable yellow blush is, which means that if you are intimidated by its brightness and bold hue, just apply a tiny bit of it and blend it. While a bold yellow blush is stunning, a subtle one looks natural, giving your face a fresh look.

Yellow blush + green eyeliner

Green is a color that looks amazing with yellow, and a look like this is perfect for Coachella fashion or any festival you might be attending this year. Green eyeliner is funky and bold, which means you can also go bright yellow with the blush — no need to blend it too much.

Yellow blush + highlighter

Since yellow is generally much lighter than orange or pink, a yellow blush can be seamlessly blended into a highlighter. To recreate this look, simply add the yellow blush to the high points of your cheeks — the areas you would usually apply highlighter to. After that, go in with your favorite highlighter on top to create that stunning sheen. You can rock this with a full face of makeup or on its own for a subtle way to add color to your face.

Yellow blush and cheetah eye makeup

Yellow blush is everything but basic — which is why it combines so well with other bold makeup trends. If you love animal prints in fashion and beauty, a great way to rock them is to wear them on your eyes. You can create a delicate look with eyeshadow and eyeliner, or you can go the easy route and use a stencil or an eyeshadow sticker.

Yellow blush + faux (or real) freckles

Yellow blush can easily look a bit too costumey, which is why it's important to create a look with it that will still be you — the last thing you want is to look like you've done your makeup for Halloween. If you are more into the no-makeup makeup, add some faux freckles over the yellow blush to make it blend into your face even more. If you already have freckles, just enhance them with brown makeup a bit.

Yellow blush with a smokey eye

A lot of the makeup looks with yellow blush tend to look either super clean or include other bright colors. However, yellow blush is also wearable with a classic smokey eye — in fact, it's excellent for a night out. To tie it into the eye makeup, add some yellow to your inner corners, as well.

Yellow blush + pink eye makeup

Yellow and pink are also two colors that work well together. While you would traditionally go for the pink blush and yellow eyeshadow, try switching them — you'll be surprised just how fresh and cute your makeup will look. While you can go for super opaque blush and eyeshadow, these two colors together look particularly whimsical when they are more on the sheer and blended side.

Yellow blush and super graphic eyeliner

Yellow blush is certainly very dramatic — especially if you build the color and place it higher on your cheek. If you're looking for a way to make it even more eye-catching, pair the yellow blush with a fun graphic eyeliner look and ultra-long faux lashes.

Yellow blush + deep green eye makeup

We already established that green pairs perfectly with yellow, but we wanted to share another stunning look — this time with a deeper shade of green. When you're working with a yellow blush, it's super easy to incorporate it into your eye makeup and have it all tie together better, as you can always apply the yellow to any spots you would usually highlight. This doesn't only apply to the inner corner of your eyes and under your eyebrows but also to the tip and bridge of your nose.

Yellow blush looks stunning with blonde hair

Listen — yellow blush looks fantastic on all skin tones and with all hair colors. However, if you are blonde, it's probably going to look a tad bit better on you, as it will also enhance your locks. If you can, try to go for a yellow blush that is in a similar shade to your hair to help the whole look come together even more.

Yellow blush with red lips

If you put on yellow eyeshadow and blush at the same time, and you find that it makes you look too washed out, an easy way to bring some of that color back to your face is to simply add a bright pink, orange, or red lip color.

Yellow blush suits any skin tone

Just because yellow blush looks great on every skin tone, that doesn't mean that there aren't a couple of rules you should consider. If your skin is very fair, pick a yellow that is more on the pastel side, as it won't look too vibrant on your face. The darker your skin is, the more vibrant of a blush you can pull off, so feel free to go for yellow blushes that are very pigmented.

Yellow blush + bleached eyebrows

Bleached eyebrows have been a huge trend lately, and they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Since they are super bold, they pair perfectly with a subtle yellow blush that blends flawlessly into your temples. To take things even further, opt for light brown or white mascara that will give your eyelashes definition but make them appear almost bleached as well.

Yellow blush with white oval eyeliner

Fun and graphic eyeliner has been trending for years now, and while most of us tend to go for sharp lines and long wings, an oval eyeliner design looks fresh and unexpected. Of course, it looks stunning with a yellow blush, especially if the eyeliner is in a lighter color or in white.

Yellow blush as everyday makeup

Yellow blush might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially as many might believe it's not wearable on an everyday basis. However, a subtle hint of yellow over your cheeks and eyes is a great choice for everyday makeup — and the best part is that you can use just one product.

Yellow blush and a blue inner corner

Just like orange, yellow is also on the opposite side of blue on the color wheel, which means that it perfectly contrasts it. If you are someone who loves blue-eye makeup looks, a yellow blush should definitely be a staple in your makeup bag.

Ultra-dramatic yellow blush

To be fair, this may not be a yellow blush look that you can wear every day, but there's no denying that it's super stunning — especially for a fun party or a concert. Of course, you don't have to create a super intricate stencil; you can also just opt for a simple heart or a star. Just put the stencil on your cheek and gently dab the blush on top, ensuring the stencil isn't moving around. Once you remove it, the design should be visible.