The High-Low Trend Of The 2010s Is Coming Back With The Twee Renaissance

If you're instantly transported back to the late aughts at the mention of movies like "Juno" and "500 Days of Summer" or by the sight of Peter Pan collars and the bangs and glasses combo, then the high-low style likely does the same. Dresses and skirts featuring a higher hem in the front and a longer one in the back reigned supreme during the height of Tumblr-era twee style and we're seeing a reemergence of the trend to either the applause or dismay of many.

The high-low style is not only literally high and low — it transcends the border between casual and elegant, bringing a versatile likeability to just about any outfit. If you've held on tightly to your skinny jeans over the years, it's possible you might even still have a high-low dress somewhere in your closet. The style effortlessly captures the aesthetic of the 2010s and whether or not you're on board, it's likely you'll be sighting this style out in the wild.

The high-low little black dress

A fun twist on a classic, the asymmetrical hem of an LBD adds the perfect amount of flair and totally embodies the twee renaissance when accented with a large waist tie. Versatile and flattering, a high-low little black dress makes a solid staple in any wardrobe for an array of occasions.

A bright beauty

Asymmetrical in all the right ways, a one-shoulder high-low dress in a bright and vibrant hue like lemon-lime green is the flashy piece we all need for a fun, summertime event. An elegant statement piece, the high-low trend is a sure bet when it comes to drawing in the compliments.

Earthy florals

A soft and earthy floral print with a high-low hem is the ethereal piece we all need in our wardrobe. Casual enough to wear running errands and imbued with enough of a dressed-up energy to don on a lunch date, we're loving the versatility of the asymmetrical hem that defines the reemergence of this 2010s trend. A transitional piece to a T, this is one dress you can style from summer to fall — and maybe even winter with the right layers — which is an obvious plus.

Pretty in pink

We're totally head-over-heels for the dainty, feminine, and floral iteration of the high-low trend, especially when the dress is styled with a unique front hem and billowing longer sides. Fit for a magical tea party, this high-low trend takes what would still be a beautiful and elegant piece to an entirely new level with playful decadence.

Subtle high-low hems

For those who aren't fully ready to hop aboard the 2010s trend just yet, you can dip your toes into the style with a more discreet asymmetrical look. Opt for a classic print like pinstripes, and look for a high-low hem that's subtle, but accented with a delicate ruffle — ideal for brunch, coffee dates, and long leisurely strolls through the park with your besties.

An element of flair

The high-low hem takes any simple dress and adds an element of flair that doesn't necessarily have to fall into the twee renaissance category, but still elevates a look with the unique hemline. A long sleeve, floral beauty becomes a bit more flirty and fun with an asymmetrical hem and that's what this style is all about.